TV ReviewsGotham Season 4 Episode 14: A Dark Knight: Reunion Review

Keith NoakesMarch 16, 2018

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Synopsis: Ivy picks her next target, leading Gordon and Lucius back to an old friend, as Selina tries to take matters into her own hands. Sofia wants full control of Gotham and turns to Lee about the state of the Narrows. Meanwhile, Bruce tries to make amends with Alfred, and Nygma visits Arkham. (IMDB)

Writer: Peter Blake

Director: Annabelle K. Frost

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

Besides a few subtle changes, you’ve probably seen this episode for the most part seeing that almost everything that happened in this episode has been done before but just with different characters, in this case Ivy.

The episode started with Bruce burning his vigilante mask. Then, Ivy continued her revenge tour by going to Bullock’s bar to find him so she can get revenge for him killing her father. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t there since those there got plants sprouting out of them.

Gordon went to find Bullock to protect him. Instead of working together, Bullock wanted to find Ivy on his own. Selina wanted to reason with her but Gordon advised her against it. Bullock found a lead on Ivy’s whereabouts, however, it was just a trap as Ivy led them both there after she hypnotized Bullock.

Bruce met with Alfred to ask him for help but Alfred refused, skeptical that he had really changed. Alfred wasn’t Bruce’s friend anymore. He then turned to Selina who didn’t want anything to do with him. As a last ditch effort to get Alfred back, Bruce made a speech about him and all the things he had done for him during a foundation dinner. It didn’t work though as he still had to accept who he was.

Bruce had the chance to show what he was right away when Ivy and her henchmen attacked the dinner. Gordon and the GCPD also showed up to try and save the day but they were also assisted by Bruce in ninja vigilante garb. Apparently, that was enough for Alfred. Not knowing who he was, Gordon shot Bruce. However, Bruce was wearing a bulletproof vest and got away from Gordon.

Once Ivy returned to her apartment, Selina was there waiting for her. The time for reasoning was over so they fought until Selina got hold of the last vial of lazarus water which she smashed. Ivy could have killed Selina but she let her go.

Continuing her quest for power, Sophia wanted to collect a tax from the Narrows, however, Lee was adamant that her people couldn’t handle that so she tried to find another way. Meanwhile, Ed was trying to rid himself of his Riddler alter ego. Ed then found out about Gordon’s relationship with Sophia so he thought they should use that to their advantage. Wanting to protect Lee from the Riddler, Ed decided to kill himself but the Riddler talked him out of it.

Lee offered Sophia dirt on Gordon instead of the tax but Sophia had other plans. She and her henchmen took out Lee’s entourage and Sophia smashed her hand with a hammer. Gordon learned what happened and he knew Sophia was responsible. The Riddler’s plan was to have Ed volunteer himself into Arkham. Little did he know, it was all a plan between the Riddler and Penguin. Last week, Penguin sent a letter to Ed, however, he was writing to the Riddler. His plan was to get Ed to help him escape. Though Ed had been fighting off the Riddler for a while, the Riddler took over.

Finally, the episode title is reunion so there were a few reunions at the end. Bruce and Alfred are now back together and after Gordon opened up to Bullock, it seems like they’re back together too to take down Sophia.

Overall, barring a few reunions and a fun departure for Selina, this was a standard fare episode that has been done several times before. Hopefully, the remainder of the season will at least try to do something different but the odds of that aren’t that high.

Score: 7.5/10

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