TV ReviewsHow to Get Away With Murder Season 4 Episode 15: Nobody Else is Dying Review

Keith NoakesMarch 15, 2018

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Synopsis: Annalise’s inner circle must deal with a suspicious death that results in a shocking arrest. A new development involving one of the team changes everything. (IMDB)

Writer: Peter Nowalk

Director: Jet Wilkinson

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

So now the season is over. It hasn’t exactly been easy for the characters this season but they made it through while still leaving plenty of mystery for next season.

Last week’s episode ended in a cliffhanger involving a car accident that coincidentally occurred around the same time Bonnie called Annalise to tell her that Denver had the drive. One would assume that it was Bonnie in the car accident. Earlier in that episode, she was worried that her car had been tampered with. This episode started with the autopsy of someone who had been in a car accident without revealing who it was until Bonnie showed up. The actual victim turned out to be Denver but how?

Asher was still upset with Michaela after she cheated on him. Meanwhile, the DA’s office was reeling after Denver’s death. Once they all met up, the conversation shifted towards what to do next. Last week’s episode also ended with Laurel in a heated conversation with her mother. The problem here was that she was missing. Jorge called her about it but Laurel denied hurting her own mother. The plan was to give the drive to Simon so he can give it to the FBI so he could become a whistleblower and stay in the country.

The FBI were investigating Denver’s accident and since she was one of the last people to see him, they wanted to speak to Laurel. While she and Annalise were at the FBI, Oliver and Michaela were dealing with Simon, Nate was doing his own investigation into Denver, and Frank tried to look for Sandrine. Simon was growing restless, Nate found evidence in an evidence locker from one of Denver’s old cases, and Laurel tried to point the FBI towards her father.

Nate found the drive in that same locker along with files on everyone which he destroyed. Now they had to find incriminating files on it. Connor was worried about how it all would affect their class action lawsuit if they won. The only thing Asher was worried about is getting some action before he goes to prison. Annalise was growing restless so she tried to get Tegan to help her find the incriminating files for which she refused.

Michaela continued her ruthlessness by wanting to get Simon deported to get rid of him but Annalise warned her about the path she was taking. Frank couldn’t find Sandrine so he had to make sure that Laurel had nothing to do with it. Connor also revealed that he didn’t drop out of law school, he failed out.

In what was a risky move, Annalise arranged a meeting with Jorge to exchange the drive for Laurel’s baby. She claimed to not have made copies of the files. Their meeting was tense but she ultimately convinced him that he was hurting her just as much as she was hurting him. It worked as Laurel was eventually reunited with her son Christopher. Jorge wanted to say goodbye, however, Laurel wanted him to leave. As far as she was concerned, both her parents were dead to her.

Adding insult to injury, as Jorge left the hospital, he was arrested by the FBI for several crimes including Denver’s murder. Tegan had indeed agreed to help Annalise and became a whistleblower against Antares. Simon was taken care of as well with Michaela providing an anonymous tip to get him deported and she was proud of it. In addition to that, Annalise won her class action lawsuit as the supreme court ruled in her favor.

Laurel and Christopher were now staying with Bonnie. On a radio show, Annalise spoke optimistically about how the ruling would affect the justice system in the future, now giving criminals a second chance. Meanwhile, Frank was signing up for a tour at the university, Connor was working on his university re-enrollment application, and Oliver was helping Asher redecorate his apartment. In exchange for helping him, Oliver wanted Asher to be his Best Man at his wedding. At odds for most of her time at the DA’s office, Bonnie decided to go on a date with a fellow prosecutor (John Hensley). Nate did not destroy the files he found and while looking into Bonnie’s files, he found evidence that the child she lost may still be alive. Annalise watched Christopher while Laurel took a shower. There we saw scratches on her arms.

Frank was at the University because he was watching another prospective student for someone else. referring to him as the kid.

Overall, this was an excellent season finale that wrapped everything nicely with a few twists along the way while still leaving some mysteries for next season like what happened to Sandrine, how low will Michaela go, and who was the person Frank was watching? The episode was strongly suggesting that Laurel had something to do with her mother’s disappearance though the show has tricked us before. It tricked us twice in this episode with Bonnie surviving and Tegan whistleblowing on Antares. Michaela is becoming what Annalise used to be but at what cost? Who was Frank watching and for who? While not the biggest cliffhanger, it will be interesting to see where next season will go and wherever Viola Davis goes, I will follow.

Score: 9.5/10

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