TV ReviewsAmerican Crime Story Season 2 Episode 9: Alone Review

Keith NoakesMarch 22, 2018

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Synopsis: The hunt for spree-killer Andrew Cunanan comes to a frantic end. (IMDB)

Writer: Tom Rob Smith

Director: Daniel Minahan

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 42mins

Airs: Wednesdays at 10pm on FX Canada (Canada)/FX (United States)

So the Andrew Cunanan show is over.

After killing Gianni Versace in the first episode and aimlessly going back in time from that point for several more episodes, we finally find ourselves back to where it started. Soon after Versace’s death, Cunanan retired to a vacant houseboat in Miami.

Marilyn Miglin was also in Miami for her fragrance business. The FBI warned her about that Cunanan, her husband’s killer, was also a prime suspect in the murder of Versace. She was frustrated with the effort from the police and all she wanted was for it to end. They wanted her to leave Florida because of him but she adamantly refused.

Cunanan watched and listened the news all the news about him which seemed to affect him. He still went out in public initially but got frustrated by the increased police presence. The FBI came for his mother and paraded her out in front of a crowd of cameras. They also took Ronnie in for questioning. He wasn’t that much of a help other than providing Cunanan’s state of mind. Feeling desperate, Cunanan called his deadbeat father. Although he seemed willing to help, he was only interested in the publicity and the money he would get from interviews.

We actually got a decent amount of the Versace storyline here with the family getting ready for Gianni’s funeral. To get some time way, Antonio wanted to stay in one of Versace’s properties in Italy. Donatella allowed this but other than that, he had lost his position within the family. Cunanan watched the funeral on TV and got emotional just like everyone else. Antonio wasn’t even mentioned as part of the family.

When a man came to visit the houseboat after a tip, gunfire was exchanged which alerted the police. As they were gearing up, Cunanan was watching the news that talked about how his houseboat was surrounded and that there was no way for him to get out. The police claimed that they just wanted to talk but he wasn’t going to give himself up. As the police entered, Cunanan put a gun in his mouth and fired.

Cunanan’s death was followed by a scene between him and Gianni Versace where we see the probable motive for his murder. He simply wanted to be Versace’s protege or apprentice but Versace refused. The look on Marilyn Miglin’s face when she learned what happened was full of genuine relief because her pain is over. She also learned of all the kind acts that her husband would perform secretly which made her love her husband even more.

Donatella recounted a story of her last words with her brother. She regretted not calling him back after he called her. Feeling alone, Antonio committed suicide by pills.

The last shot was of a long hallway with mausoleums for several deceased individuals, including Cunanan, showing that he wasn’t special and just like everyone else.

Overall, this was a decent finale to what was a grossly uneven saga in many ways. It wrapped up Cunanan’s storyline nicely as he had nowhere to run and simply accepted his fate. He wasn’t as unbearable here thanks to a compelling and more restrained performance by Darren Criss. It was also nice to see them bring back the best part of the season in Judith Light’s Marilyn Miglin. She was great here and it was also great that she got closure here. The season may not have justified that the Versace murder should be made into a series but this episode was a decent watch.

Score: 7.5/10

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