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This Is Us Season 2 Review

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It is almost impossible to encapsulate the feelings and emotions of how perfect, beautiful, and inspiring season two of This Is Us was. Not only did fans finally see how Jack passed away, but we learned a great deal about the Pearson family. This season took us deep into their lives in a way season one didn’t, mainly with the single episodes focusing on each of the Big Three.

What stands out about this season is how each and every cast member brought forth their immense talent and channeled their character’s fears, emotions, and struggles. The character development went above and beyond our wildest imaginations and brought us into the heart of the story This Is Us told in its second season.

The writing of season two had so much love and thought infused into it and it helped the audience connect and relate to any and every struggle that was presented. The elements that stood out were Kevin’s struggle with addiction, Kate’s miscarriage, and Randall’s tumultuous journey with adoption. Each of their stories had emotions beneath it that every one of us has felt, be it despair, fear, or lost hope. This Is Us made it so easy to become invested in every character’s life because they felt like one of our own or a mirror of our own lives.

And we can’t discuss season two without mentioning The Super Bowl episode which revealed Jack’s untimely demise. Due to a fire that swallows up the Pearson home (damn you, Crockpot!),  Jack inhales large amounts of smoke and passes away due to a widow maker’s heart attack. It is such a gut-wrenching moment for the series and for the fans who have been following the story since day one. We knew the death was coming but when it happened, our hearts couldn’t handle the loss. The Super Bowl episode was absolutely phenomenal in its delivery and message. We may have finally lost Jack but he is still the heart of the story and the heart of the Big Three and Rebecca.

Another standout aspect of season two of This Is Us is Deja’s storyline. A round of applause to Lyric Ross for not only embracing the character of Deja but for blending in seamlessly with the This Is Us family. Deja’s character arc was so complicated as she teetered back and forth between Randall and Beth’s family and her mom. In a surprisingly shocking yet successful move, This Is Us spent their penultimate episode focused solely on Deja. Not only did we see how she ends up with Beth and Randall, but we learned about her turbulent past with her mother–how she ends up in the foster system, her troubles in the system, and the journey she took to end up with Beth and Randall. That episode was so beautifully tragic and inspiring but really helped fans connect with Deja’s character who has found a place in all of our hearts. Only This Is Us could manage to have us fall in love with a supporting character and root for her happiness.

Season one’s finale ended with Jack promising Rebecca that their story is just getting started, season two felt us with similar sentiments. Kate and Toby are finally married, despite some emotional hiccups Kate was having throughout the season two finale. We were even treated to Kate’s dream of celebrating her parents’ 40th wedding anniversary inclusive of an elderly Jack. It was a beautiful moment to place in the finale which coincided with Kate’s wedding and brought everything full circle as Kate finally let go of the haunting memory of Jack’s death to make room for Toby.

While the series has spent so much time on flashbacks, it ended on a series of flash-forwards that have us anxiously anticipating where the series will go next. In the flash-forwards, we saw a depressed Toby, an elderly Randall with adult Tess, and Kevin flying off to Vietnam with Beth’s cousin to learn more about his father. We have no idea what’s in store for season three, but This Is Us never disappoints, and it will be exciting to see where the Pearsons go next! Until next season, This Is Us.

Score: 9/10

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