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Synopsis: When Charlie is taken into custody for the hijacking of Air Force Two, Quinn is faced with an important choice. Meanwhile, Cyrus is pulling the strings behind closed doors and sets out to recruit Jake to join him on his quest for the White House. (TVGuide)

Writers: Raamla Mohamed & Jeremy Gordon

Director: Darby Stanchfield

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

The episode starts with special prosecutor Lonnie Mencken (Michael O’Neill) talking about the arrest of Charlie as agents analyze QPA as a crime scene. He talks to Mellie and Cyrus about their means of interrogating him, but nothing has proven successful. Lonnie sits down with Charlie and  admits he knows Charlie did not do it, but that Lonnie wants him to sign a confession saying he was hired by Mellie to frame her for Cyrus’ attempted assassination. He refuses to impeach the president and his torture continues.

Quinn goes to Olivia to discuss what happened to Charlie. There is obvious tension here. She doesn’t care if Cyrus wants the Oval, she just wants Charlie back. She suggests a partnership to defeat their common enemy. They meet up with Abby, David, Fitz and Marcus to discuss Cyrus’ planned hijacking and how they plan to prove Charlie’s innocence. Alonzo meets with Cyrus to inform him of Charlie’s status. He think they’ll get him to break soon, but Cyrus has an epiphany. “It isn’t Charlie we should be pressuring.”

Olivia has a moment with Huck before the team enter and start their process. They dive into the life of Lonnie Mencken and cannot find anything scandal worthy until Quinn receives a message from their nanny. Turns out Robin has an ear infection and needs some medicine. She leaves to pick it up, but ends up getting in the back of a presidential car where Cyrus is waiting. Cyrus informs Quinn of his plan and using Charlie’s confession to impeach Mellie. She refuses to help, but Cyrus plays to Quinn’s hatred of Olivia and says not doing this helps Olivia get back the White House. He hands her a burner phone and tells her to await further instruction.

Fitz sits down with Mellie at the White House to discuss Charlie. She assumes he was sent by Olivia, but he brings up Cyrus’ plan and his want to remove her from the Oval. She laughs at the idea and asks for evidence which Fitz unfortunately does not have. She thinks Olivia is trying to force herself back in, but Fitz tries to explain it is a real threat. Either way Mellie won’t hear it. The group reconvene to discuss Mellie’s hesitance and what other ideas they have to get her on their side. Marcus suggests he have a crack at it. When alone, Fitz reassures Olivia she did some good work in the White House, but Olivia wants to get back to work. As the team continue to track down information about Alonzo, Quinn returns and tells them about Cyrus’ plan. Good on Quinn for not hiding this. Quinn and Olivia argue over whose life is more important: Charlie’s or Mellie’s and it ends with Quinn lecturing her old boss on family and this one is no longer hers. OH SHIT.

Cyrus is seen on TV parading around after his near-death experience which causes Mellie to wonder if Fitz was right. She asks Jake for his counsel and while he is initially skeptical, she orders he look into Cyrus. Huck has a conversation with Fitz about whether or not this is the old Olivia who has returned or a ghost of her. They agree it feels like her and if they are seeing something then it’s both of them. Jake goes to Cyrus’ office to discuss some rumours he has been hearing. Cyrus confesses to Jake that he hijacked his own plane, but he has a plan to get into the Oval and Jake can be a part of that plan. He threatens Jake and plays into his role as a consolation prize to try to help him feel like a first choice this time.

Meanwhile, David has a meeting with Lonnie to discuss his investigation. He attempts to prove Charlie’s innocence, but Alonzo explains how easy it is to pin this on Charlie. He turns to the window and tells a story about how he lost his son to a reckless case of gun violence at a mall. He explains how Mellie is a pro-gun president and he is sick and tired of having a president who doesn’t have the same stance as him. So you plan to impeach her for a personal vendetta? Interesting. Marcus has a sit down with Mellie and tries to reason with her. She wants hard evidence to prove Olivia is telling the truth. She’s been burned too many times. She questions Marcus’ ability to trust Olivia, but he explains that she is the perfect person to have in your corner. Marcus also proclaims that he will always be in her corner and they have a moment as Jake creepily watches from the cameras overhead.

Olivia returns to the crime scene of QPA where things have been knocked over, broken and completely destroyed. All except for her white hat sitting in the middle of the floor. Her moment is interrupted by Quinn and they talk about the elephant in the room: how Olivia proclaimed that Quinn can die for the Republic to save it. Olivia explains she knows that decision was for selfish gain and her ambitions and she apologizes for letting that behaviour consume her. Olivia feels broken and wants guidance from Quinn because she supports her unwavering decision making.

Cyrus receives a phone call from Quinn who says she cannot make Charlie sign the confession, but Cyrus no longer needs her help. He turns to Jake who has made his choice. “Shall we?” Jake goes down to visit a very rough looking Charlie. While he thinks Jake is there to save him, he’s there to convince him to take the deal. After threatening his family, Jake says Charlie has lost all control and his only option is to sign the confession.

The episode ends with Mellie and Marcus lying in bed together after some extracurricular fun, but that is quickly interrupted. She rushes to Jake and explains how confused she is about the whole situation, but Jake will have none of it and walks out on her. The news of the subpoena echoes through the news outlets. Olivia sits frustrated and alone when Huck comes in to talk. She apologizes to him and Huck gives her advice on how to act going forward, but she receives a call. She rushes off to meet with Mellie who asks her for a favour. Become her command again and kill Cyrus Beene.


  • Is Olivia really on the road to redemption?
  • Why is Lonnie Mencken so focused on siding with Cyrus?
  • Will Rowan return before the end of the series?
  • Will Jake’s decision end up blowing up in his face?
  • Will Olivia kill Cyrus Beene or find another path to solving this scandal?

Overall, this was a good episode. Getting into the final four episodes means the intensity needs to get to an all-time high and alliances need to be formed to help solve the biggest problem of this season and perhaps the entire series: Cyrus Beene. Seeing Olivia go through her redemption tour, apologize and legitimately feel bad makes it easier to feel like this character could be a neutral party when it’s all said and done. I’m happy that Mellie and Marcus got their moment and hopefully it isn’t their last. Here’s to hoping that this final scandal is the best and biggest yet filled with twist, memorable monologues and a satisfying end. So far it’s going in the right direction.

Score: 8/10

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