TV ReviewsStation 19 Season 1 Episode 4: Reignited Review

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Synopsis: Andy and Jack disagree over spending decisions at the station. Meanwhile, the firefighters respond to a structure fire at a brand-new bed-and-breakfast; and Ryan calls Maya when he finds her brother in some trouble. (TVGuide)

Writer: Ilene Rosenzweig

Director: Dennis Smith

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43 mins

Airs: Thursdays at 9pm on CTV (Canada)/ABC (United States)

“Reignited” starts off with showing two adult sisters arguing over wine about how they manage their bed-and-breakfast before one of them turns on the oven. Andy and Gibson continue to bicker over everything like an old married couple (like Gibson would like) as both of them discuss what Andy heard last week. After he stands up for her, they start making out in the Captain’s office and back off into the private bunk room.

The captaincy and the heat that comes with it is center stage so let’s start there. Andy and Gibson continue to butt heads through each of their calls while randomly hooking up in the captain’s quarters, yelling at each other loud enough for the station to hear. They want to stay in their bubble. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are dealing with demons of their own. Warren asks Victoria to run drills with him, but she’s a bit hesitant. After freaking out during a VR fire simulator, Warren suspects something is up. Victoria freezes up during a call and he realizes she has become terrified of fire after her near-death experience. He confronts her in the locker room, but she is in denial because she knows it would get her fired.

Maya receives a call and looks for Andy to talk to, but can’t find her anywhere and leaves. She goes to the police station to meet with Ryan who brought her brother in. We learn about her family situation, her brother’s ongoing addiction, his current place in life and how that’s affecting her. Instead of talk to the preoccupied Andy, she opens up to Ryan about her past during the Olympics and how her being the golden child cost her brother and pushed him onto this path.

And for the more lighthearted stories, Miller wants things to work out with JJ and goes to Pruitt for advice on his dating life, but Pruitt isn’t comfortable with the topic. Pruitt comes back and talks about how he isn’t used to being a part of the conversation because he was always the leader. He decides to give Miller some advice in the end and tells him to go for the girl. Meanwhile, Montgomery and Maya go to a call at a seniors’ home where Montgomery suggests that the elderly woman they help needs to go to a doctor for her progressive Parkinson’s, but she won’t listen. Montgomery returns to check in on her when he meets the woman’s grandson who he instantly has sparks with. Unfortunately he has to tell him about his grandmother’s condition.

The episode ends with Andy and Gibson finding some privacy with Gibson telling her it isn’t enough for him. She’s okay with the random hookups, but he wants something real, something serious. However, Andy doesn’t want anything more. She admits she isn’t ready for that with him or anyone for that matter. He feels broken by that, but the bubble is popped when Pruitt sees them getting intimate in the Captain’s office.

Captain’s Log

  • Who will end up becoming Captain of Station 19?
  • Will Pruitt Herrera’s cancer take a turn for the worst?
  • Will Miller and JJ become a thing?
  • Will Montgomery and Grant become a thing?
  • Will Maya and Ryan let sparks fly between them?
  • How will Victoria beat her fear of fire?
  • What will Victoria and Ben’s relationship be going forward? Seems like she may fall for him.
  • Will Ben decide firefighting is not for him and change careers yet again?
  • What will Pruitt do now that he knows about Andy and Gibson’s secret?

Overall, this was a great episode. While the romance continues to be a central focus of this Shondaland show, the supporting cast is fleshed out a lot more allowing us to connect with the crew as a whole. Pruitt is trying to get used to life as a part of the crew rather than as the captain going as far as helping Miller with his dating life, Maya opened up about her past, Ben and Victoria continue to develop their friendship (which hopefully does not turn romantic) and sparks fly for a few other firefighters. The odd thing is that Andy and Gibson are the least interesting part of this show so far and yet the supporting cast has done amazingly to make their characters easily investible. So far, this fire needs no reignition.

Score: 8.5/10

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