TV ReviewsHomeland Season 7 Episode 10: Clarity Review

Keith NoakesApril 15, 2018

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Synopsis: Carrie needs to choose a side. Keane needs an ally. Saul has an idea. (IMDB)

Writers: Howard Gordon and Ron Nyswaner

Director: Daniel Attias

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 59mins

Airs: Sundays at 9pm on Super Channel (Canada)/Showtime (United States)

The walls were crashing in this week in another drama-filled episode.

The episode started with Carrie being wheeled into a hospital room where she was being treated using electroconvulsive therapy. Vice President Warner was making Wellington wait before meeting with him. He wanted Warner to stop impeachment proceedings that were being pursued by Paley. Dante had died which made things difficult. Everything depended on him but he told Wellington that Keane had nothing to worry about despite her indifference for him.

Saul visited Sandy to talk about a pair of suspicious private flights around the time of Dante’s death. The first could have been for Martin and the second for Gromov. He then spoke with the Moscow station chief to coordinate efforts to search for Gromov and Martin. Unfortunately, some members of the intelligence community were reluctant to help Keane. Meanwhile, Keane spoke with a group of senators, telling them that they should be weary of Paley and that their democracy was under attack from Russia. Now was the time to stand.

Carrie’s lawyer came to visit her at the hospital to talk about a visitation deal with Maggie where she could see Frannie at least once a month. She was going to lose custody so this deal was what was best for her. Anson suggested that she should do some opposition research on Maggie and Bill to help with the custody hearing. Carrie knew enough to cost Maggie her medical licence.

Saul brought Carrie flowers and to check up on her. She shared what happened and how she should’ve seen it coming. He was really there to get her team to help him find Gromov and Martin in Eastern Europe. Saul wanted her there, however, she couldn’t as she had to focus on getting her daughter back. Maggie treated Carrie with a fake name in order to avoid being flagged by the CIA but that file had now disappeared. She then sent Anson to fetch the file from Maggie’s home office for which she knew the alarm code.

At family court, Carrie heard witness after witness testify about her negligence and all the bad things that have happened to Frannie over the years. Maggie aired Carrie’s dirty laundry on the stand and read a prepared statement to Carrie which served as an explanation of why she should be with her. Carrie interjected, claiming that she was going to give up her dangerous life in order to take care of Frannie but Maggie didn’t believe her. That’s fair considering she’s tried and failed before. Carrie decided to sign full custody to Maggie and Bill and she would get visitation.

Warner was ambushed by Paley while going to diner with another cabinet member. The majority of the cabinet was on Paley’s side with Warner being the only holdout. Wellington informed Keane of the ongoing meeting. She tried to reach Warner but couldn’t. Keane’s plan was to fire all the dissenting members of her cabinet. Wellington warned her against it as it was exactly what Russia wanted, however, it didn’t work. Warner met with Keane, claiming that he didn’t sign impeachment papers and he wouldn’t in exchange for reversing her decision to fire the cabinet members. She refused, ultimately giving him no other choice.

Gromov and Martin were together and Saul was in the process of getting approval for a mission despite everything else going on. With custody out of the way, Carrie wanted in. She got ready and shared emotional goodbyes with Frannie and Maggie before heading off with Saul.

Overall, this was a another great, drama-filled episode where the walls began to crash down on Carrie and Keane. Carrie may have given up custody of Frannie but it was the right thing to do. Keane, perhaps putting her ego first, chose herself over the country, falling right into a Russian trap. The best part of the episode again was Claire Danes’ performance as Carrie who was put through the gambit. This has been an exciting season so far and it will be exciting to see what will happen next.

Score: 9/10

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