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Ariba BhuvadApril 17, 2018

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Synopsis: Rachel confronts her mother while Serena gets ambushed by someone from her past, threatening her relationships with the remaining contestants. Chet struggles with Gary’s offer. (TVGuide)

Writer: Alex Metcalf

Director: Constance Zimmer

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 42mins

Airs: Mondays at 10pm on Lifetime Canada (Canada)/Lifetime (United States)

UnREAL kicks it up a notch by having Serena have some one-on-one personal time with the remaining four contestants as they dove into each other’s pasts. Now, we all know this can be a slippery slope and send everyone down the rabbit hole of doubt, insecurities, and fear. And that is exactly what happened.

This week’s episode was directed by Constance Zimmer herself and was a zinger in what has been a pretty great season. Quinn has been spending a lot of time with Fiona, her long-lost BFF who seems to be throwing Quinn into a world of sex and alcohol. She wants her to disengage from the duties of work and just live a crazy, care-free life.

As you recall, Chet agreed to help Gary last week to help him take down Quinn. But Chet’s love for Quinn outweighs any revenge he may want to exact on her and he hesitates to truly take her down. He brings in Madison to help create an “explosive” situation that will bring Quinn back to set and away from Fiona.

Rachel spends the episode trying to reconnect with her father who is now back at home with her mom–on that lithium life. And with Quinn, Chet, and Rachel away from set, Madison takes charge of the week’s episode. In order to create chaos like Chet asked her to, she brings in Serena’s ex who humiliates her in front of the other guys, claiming she was clingy and desperate to be with him.

August, the Australian knight in shining armor, connects with Serena over this and shares that he doesn’t care about her past. This sets the stage for a deeper connection between the two as they finally sleep together in a night of passion.

On Everlasting this week, the goal is to create intimate moments between Serena and the guys as she decides who to pick for a one-on-one date to share intimate details about her past as well as the guy she picks. While Everlasting is in the hands of Madison, Chet and Quinn go to LA. Well, Chet follows Quinn to LA in pursuit of bringing her back to set.

Quinn shows him the house she is building and for a moment Chet remembers why he loves her so much. The feelings of guilt come pouring in as he recalls his conversation with Gary about taking Quinn down.

Frustrated with her mother, Rachel goes home to see her dad but, of course, he isn’t home and she is left dealing with her mother. Rachel has an epiphany and decides she is done once and for all with the drama of her family and leaves. When Serena’s ex shows up back on set, Rachel handles the situation and the select guys who had a problem with Serena after hearing what her ex had to say. Even Quinn comes forward to say that the ex was a psycho and she didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

Jay tries to set up a date with Alexei but gets shot down when Alexei tells him he’s not gay and is not interested in him. And things take an interesting twist when at the end of the episode August and Serena are seen sleeping together…and Rachel and Alexei. Yup, and guess who witnesses it all on tape? Jay. Not to mention, Jay tries to sabotage Alexei’s running in the contest by telling Serena he is doing coke again which pushes her to eliminate him this week. What a hot mess, right?

Quinn finally discovers that Chet was trying to snoop on her for Gary when he comes clean and says he is not going to do it anymore. But instead of letting him tell Gary that he won’t, Quinn decides this is the moment to get back at Gary and take him down once and for all. It’s on! Oh, and Rachel tried to hook up with the set therapist.

This week UnREAL was exciting, thrilling, and full of so much plot and character development it made our heads spin. Each episode has been building up to something big but it’s all happening so subtly that it makes it even more enticing to tune in. Next week is the two-hour season finale and there is a lot that needs to be covered before the season ends. Will Quinn and Chet take Gary down for good? And will Rachel continue to spiral? And who will Serena choose to be her partner in crime? Tune in next week to find out!

Score: 8/10

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