TV ReviewsThe Flash Season 4 Episode 18: Lose Yourself Review

Ariba BhuvadApril 18, 2018

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Synopsis: When Barry and Team Flash find a way to enter The Thinker’s lair, Ralph considers crossing a dangerous line to defeat DeVoe. Meanwhile, Joe is concerned by Harry’s recent behavior. (TVGuide) 

Writers: Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza

Director: Hanelle Culpepper

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43 minutes

Airs: Tuesdays at 8pm on CTV (Canada)/The CW (United States)

Did Ralph just finally redeem himself? Maybe, just maybe. This week’s The Flash brought Team Flash face-to-face with DeVoe and gave Ralph a chance to step away from his usual whiny attitude to make an impact in this season’s narrative.

Ralph and Barry head off to examine the bus that was hit by the dark matter. Ralph is pretty set on killing DeVoe but Barry tells him they never kill. Their conversation is interrupted when Wells asks them to return to S.T.A.R. Labs. He has created a Sonic Scepter that will make DeVoe’s powers useless. A skeptical Joe watches from the sidelines as Wells appears increasingly more obsessed with using his Thinking Cap.

Meanwhile, Caitlin does some tests to learn about the science behind her being able to turn into Killer Frost. She learns that the adrenal glands are responsible for causing the transformation and by using an Epi-Pen she is able to do it instantly.

We meet Edwin Gauss in this week’s episode–one of the bus meta-humans who can create pocket dimensions which are what allow DeVoe to travel. Joe decides to confront Wells regarding the Cap but is given the cold shoulder by him before he can make an impact. Unfortunately for Wells, Joe spots him going into Thawne’s lair.

Since they lost Caitlin, Barry, and Ralph venture out to look for him and end up at a hippie commune. While they are able to track him down, a samuroid ends up attacking Caitlin. Back at the labs, Caitlin recovers while Gauss is placed in the pipeline for his safety. During a conversation between Ralph and Gauss, Ralphs learns that Gauss is able to create a pocket dimension into DeVoe’s lair and decides this is how he will take him down.

Wells starts to lose it when he can’t find his Thinking Cap and blames Cisco for hiding it. However, Joe is the one that has it and decides once again to confront Wells because he has seen these obsessive signs once before. As Ralph prepares to enter DeVoe’s lair, Barry tries to stop him but the two get into an altercation that prevents Ralph from going.

Ralph shares that he is concerned for the safety of Team Flash rather than himself. This is a shining moment for Ralph who is always portrayed as a selfish, annoying character. It’s a nice change of pace to see him thinking selflessly! While the idea is dangerous, Barry agrees on creating the pocket dimension to enter DeVoe’s lair in order to take him down. Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco go through it with the help of Gauss but learn that DeVoe is not actually there!

While the three went through to his lair, he created a hologram to fool them and in turn went into S.T.A.R. Labs. DeVoe and Marlize wreak havoc on the labs while Iris, Wells, and Joe try to take them down. DeVoe and Ralph begin to faceoff but Ralph is momentarily distracted when he is forced to outrun the skeleton of a T-Rex.

By the time Ralph returns to the labs, he learns that DeVoe has taken over Gauss’ body. Using the scepter, Ralph knocks DeVoe down and places handcuffs on him. Iris has a couple badass moments as she fights Marlize and uses DeVoe’s chair to send her back to the lair and bring back the rest of the team.

Barry returns to the lab assuming Ralph may have killed DeVoe but instead sees him in handcuffs. However, there is a plot twist here when DeVoe breaks out of the handcuffs, kills Ralph, and takes over his body. Ralph, you will be missed–sort of.

With DeVoe now in Ralph’s body, the team is mourning his loss while Caitlin learns that after DeVoe touched her, he took her powers and Killer Frost no longer exists. Barry is seen solemnly cleaning out Ralph’s office as he bids farewell to his friend. Thanks to Ralph’s ability to shape-shift, DeVoe goes back to his original form and tells Marlize he stole dark matter from Wells’ thinking cap.

Okay, Okay The Flash, we see you! This week started off a bit slow but left us with a lot to be excited about. Ralph finally redeemed himself after a season of whining and complaining about anything and everything. He finally made a difference and stood out as a hero which was an extremely welcome change from everything we’ve seen thus far.

It was a long journey to get to this point, but I’m glad it finally happened–even if it meant Ralph’s death. Things are going to get interesting now with Ralph dead and DeVoe back to his original self! How will Team Flash cope? And will they bring it all to exact revenge for Ralph’s death? We sure hope so!

Score: 7.5/10

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