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Keith NoakesApril 23, 2018

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Synopsis: Saul’s mission is a go. The clock ticks on the Keane administration. (IMDB)

Writers: Patrick Harbinson and Chip Johannessen

Director: Alex Graves

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 53mins

Airs: Sundays at 9pm on Super Channel (Canada)/Showtime (United States)

In what was a crazy episode, Saul and Carrie have finally turned the tables on Russia, Keane is ousted from power, and an old character makes an appearance.

The episode started with Saul, Carrie, and the team landing in Russia while Gromov and the Russians were watching. They seemed to know everything about them. Meanwhile, Paley went to a prison to visit Dar Adal for some advice about Saul’s secret trip to Russia. He didn’t know much being in prison but he knew that it was a covert operation and pointed Paley towards Saul’s secret team.

The team in Russia set up at a hotel while Paley’s chief of staff threatened Clint (Peter Vack) about what Saul was doing and he revealed the purpose of their mission. Saul and Carrie to speak with a Russian delegation, however, Saul was unwilling to continue unless Gromov was there. The Russians played coy about his true role but eventually caved in and called him to their conference. This was all the evidence they needed that Gromov was in Russia and that their operation could continue.

Paley was worried that Martin’s return would mean that she’d reveal his true involvement and was hesitant to stop Saul’s mission. Paley’s chief of staff took it upon herself to arrange a conference between Paley and the Russian ambassador. Meanwhile, Gromov joined the conference and denied being involved in anything and tried to change the subject. While that was happening, the rest of the team went after Martin. The Russians were alerted to something and left the conference. They were alerted about the team who were ambushed.

The Supreme Court ruled against Keane’s firing of her cabinet. She defended herself to Warner who was there to relieve her of her command. Because of their failure and Keane’s ousting, Saul decided it was time for them to leave. Carrie wanted to stay so she called upon Max and Sandy for help to turn the Russians against each other by taking General Yakushin’s (Misha Kuznetsov) money. She pleaded to Saul, she was all in for the first time in a while, and he went ahead with her plan. Saul laid into Yakushin and threatened to do even worse if he didn’t deliver Martin and it seemed to have worked.

Yakushin and Gromov left the conference and the other Russians felt they shouldn’t continue because of Keane’s ousting. Meanwhile, Clint showed up just in time to see Yakushin gearing up a team to seemingly get Martin who was now in a more secure location. The conference was interrupted once again with the news of the raid where the Russian soldiers were rounding up people. With no help, Gromov was going to take the soldiers on himself. Carrie and her team showed up while Max wanted the team on his end to publish the raid video online.

Paley caught wind of what was happening in Russia and used it to try and convince Warner to go against Saul and Keane. Meanwhile, Carrie looked for Martin on her own while doing her best impression of Jason Bourne as the chaos ensued outside. She found Martin who had her at gunpoint. Carrie was trying to convince Martin that she was expendable. Gromov showed up to an empty room as Carrie and Martin left. Gromov saw what looked like the both of them getting into a car but it was Anson and Carrie. Martin, wearing a blonde wig, got into their van.

Overall, this was a great episode that saw Keane get ousted from power and Paley putting himself ahead of his country and Carrie and Saul getting a win while turning the tables on Russia. It was a crazy episode but an exciting one which looks to continue for next week’s season finale. Will Keane be vindicated? How will it all end? There’s only one more episode left to find out.

Score: 9/10

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