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Ariba BhuvadApril 24, 2018

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Synopsis: A life-changing offer from Serena and a shocking discovery about Dr. Simon drive Rachel to strongly question her future at Everlasting. Chet makes an astonishing confession while Quinn takes one final swing at Gary. (TVGuide)

Writer: Stacy Rukeyser

Director: Peter O’Fallon

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 42mins

Airs: Mondays at 10pm on Lifetime Canada (Canada)/Lifetime (United States)

The first part of the season 3 finale of UnREAL continued to dive into the aftermath of the fundraiser drama. Quinn tries to reach out to Fiona but is unable to get a hold of her, unaware of the fact that Fiona has betrayed her. She ends up going to Rachel’s trailer, perhaps for the first time ever and discovers just how depressing her living arrangements are. She finds the ad for the house cabin hanging beside her bed and discovers that there is a camera planted in her trailer. The camera that Dr. Simon put there to keep an eye over here. Creepy, much?

Quinn quickly realizes that Dr. Simon is the one who put the camera in Rachel’s trailer and fires him immediately. But more on that later. Meanwhile, Rachel is starting to strongly consider Serena’s offer to come work with her, because let’s be honest, Everlasting drives everyone crazy. She tells Quinn that she is leaving after this season but Quinn shrugs it off. But instead of asking her to stay, Quinn writes Rachel a check so she can finally buy the cabin.

Instead of taking the check, Rachel freaks out on Quinn, saying that Dr. Simon was right about their relationship. Quinn drops the bomb on her when she tells her that the doctor she trusts so much is a stalker that has been watching her every move through the camera. Of course, Rachel refuses to believe this in the moment and storms out.

Chet tells Quinn that Fiona is the one behind the betrayal and that Gary has made her his number two at VCN. Quinn pays a visit to Fiona and tells her she should come back to her side, instead of working with Gary, who will never give her the respect she deserves.

For its finale, Everlasting goes to Connecticut–Serena’s home state. We get a glimpse of the lavish life Serena leads and her cookie-cutter parents that aren’t too thrilled about Everlasting. Owen manages to get through to her dad by being himself while Jasper struggles to carry a conversation with Serena’s mother.

Things take a weird turn when Dr. Simon shows up on set confessing his love for Rachel. Uh, what? He tells her that he has never felt this way about someone–especially not a patient. Of course, Rachel realizes Quinn was telling the truth and tells him to leave immediately.

Things continue to get worse for Rachel as Jay antagonizes her for sleeping with Alexei, while Jeremy decides he is leaving Everlasting once and for all, and never wants to be with Rachel again. Ouch. When Serena tells her she has made her choice, the evil, lonely Rachel comes out and makes Serena second-guess herself–asking her if she even wants to marry either of the guys.

The season finale of UnREAL produces even more drama when it comes out that Gary has been sexually harassing a number of women. Quinn finds a way to gather all of them at the mansion, and make him the target for a class-action sexual harassment lawsuit.

At the final elimination ceremony, things get…well weird. Rachel convinces Crystal to propose to Chet, who refuses and proclaims his love for Quinn instead. And instead of going with the choice she had made, Serena rejects both men–as Rachel smiles at her production from the corner.

Serena acknowledges Rachel for who she truly is and in her final moments on the show, tells her she made the decision herself but does not want Rachel to work with her anymore. Oh, Rachel. Poor, poor Rachel.

The finale ends with a classic Rachel/Quinn conversation where Quinn tells Rachel she is brilliant and will be no matter where she works. Rachel finally buys the cabin, while Chet and Quinn are together once again. How will Rachel fair in her cabin in the woods? I guess we’ll have to wait till next season to find out!

Last night’s finale felt extremely bittersweet as if everything was coming to an end. And perhaps when it was filmed, that is the idea they had in mind. Rachel is finally on her own, without any attachments to work, men, or family. And Quinn is hopefully getting her happily ever after. At least we can hope, right? Until next season!

Score: 8/10

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