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Ariba BhuvadApril 24, 2018

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Synopsis: Rachel helps Serena navigate the home stretch and narrow the suitors down to two at Chet’s lifetime achievement gala. However, clashing opinions cause a public fight and Quinn’s plan to take down Gary takes a turn. (TVGuide)

Writer: Ariana Jackson

Director: Sarah Gertrude Shapiro

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 42mins

Airs: Mondays at 10pm on Lifetime Canada (Canada)/Lifetime (United States)

My oh my, the third season of  UnREAL has been interesting, captivating, and a season full of more character development than the seasons that preceded it. Last night’s two-episode season finale brought out all the stops–and presented in a bit of a series finale manner (since it was filmed before they had their official renewal).

If you recall, last week Rachel slept with Alexei–and Jay witnessed it all over the cameras. And Serena was left with three suitors to pick from: Jasper, Owen, and August. Rachel wakes up the next morning realizing what she had done the night before and goes to pay Dr. Simon a visit.

Things are a bit awkward since she tried to hook up with him before she went to Alexei, but it seems things are alright on his end. He tells her he believes she sexualizes her relationships and never allows herself to be intimate with anyone–and doesn’t have any friends. This sets Rachel off down a path to find anyone she considers a friend, including Everlasting’s cameraman, Dan.

She does have a connection with Serena, who she has become close to over the course of the season, and is somewhat invested in. Serena even offers her a job after the season is over, which Rachel begins to strongly consider.

In this week’s episode of Everlasting, Serena and the boys head to a sweat lodge as each guy opens up about his past. Owen starts to talk about his past fighting in the war which brings up painful memories for him.

Chet and Quinn have an interesting dynamic in the season finale as they end up together again while Chet is still with his girlfriend. They’re also gearing up for their fundraiser that his girlfriend has been planning. Their plan is to expose Gary’s scandals at the fundraiser–good luck with that, right?

Serena decides to take August as her date for the fundraiser but things take a turn when Gary shows up with something devious planned. Do you remember the pesky reporter from some episodes back? Well, Gary invites her to the fundraiser after telling her everything dirty on Quinn and she plans to expose Quinn for everything Everlasting has been involved in. Alongside her is a hurt Fiona, who was rejected by Quinn earlier in the episode when she asked for a job.

The one thing Quinn had going against Gary was all the emails she hacked into, however, someone went in and deleted all of them. Gary plans to expose her in front of everyone on live camera, but Quinn gets Rachel to create a scene between the men to distract everyone. Rachel manages to catch August making offensive remarks about veterans and manipulates Jeremy into showing Owen–the end result? A big fight.

This saves Quinn for the moment–at least for now. Owen decides to eliminate himself from the ceremony but Serena steps in to defend him and eliminates August instead. After the evening’s debacle, Dr. Simon tells Rachel to examine her relationship with Quinn because it has slowly destroyed her.

By the end of part one of the finale, Chet tells Quinn he wants to leave Crystal for her, but she refuses to let him. In a rage of fury, Quinn fires Madison, assuming she was the one who wiped the emails clean from her computer. But it wasn’t Madison, was it? We learn in the final moments that Fiona is the one responsible because Gary offered her a top position at VCN in exchange for her betrayal.

Part one of the UnREAL finale simply set the stage for part two, which took a calmer approach and almost felt bittersweet as if the series was coming to an end. Let’s dig into the rest of the finale, shall we?

Score: 8/10

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