TV ReviewsThe Flash Season 4 Episode 19: Fury Rogue Review

Ariba BhuvadApril 25, 2018

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Synopsis: When Barry needs help transporting a dangerous meta, he calls on a new friend for help–Leo Snart. Cisco becomes suspicious of Harry. (TVGuide) 

Writers: Joshua V. Gilbert & Jeff Hersh

Director: Rachel Talalay

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 43 minutes

Airs: Tuesdays at 8pm on CTV (Canada)/The CW (United States)

Oh, The Flash. This week took a bit of a dip and lost my interest once again. I really, really want The Flash to live up to the amazing arc it has in the comics but this season just hasn’t been doing it for me.

In the aftermath of Ralph’s death, Barry is trying to deal with this loss and heads to therapy with Iris. He is in complete denial and refuses to grieve properly. Meanwhile, Wells is dealing with issues of his own after he fried his brain synapses by using the Thinking Cap at maximum power. The end result? His intelligence is slowly fading and soon everything he has ever learned will cease to exist.

Marlize and Devoe continue to plot against Team Flash, however, Marlize is having a hard time connecting with him. I foresee her betraying him by the season finale, at least it sure seems that way! Cisco pushes Wells to create a second thinking cap so they can both use the heightened intelligence to take down Devoe. Of course, Wells is hesitant after the first Thinking Cap disaster.

The team decides to bring in Snart from Earth-X to deal with Fallout, the metahuman that is pretty much a nuclear bomb. The Thinker is after him now, and the team is doing all they can to stop him. When Barry and Cisco arrive on Earth-X, they end up saving Snart from Siren-X, yes, another Black Canary.

Unfortunately, she makes it through the breach along with them. Snart is briefed on everything that is going on and why they need his help. His cold gun can keep Fallout from overheating, which would have disastrous consequences if he did.

After Wells creates a second Thinking Cap, he blows out the fuse on purpose to prevent Cisco from being able to use it. And because they don’t have the necessary parts, they won’t be able to repair it in time.

Barry is pushed to his emotional limits this week as Snart pushes him to face the loss of Ralph. Something this show tends to overdo sometimes is the whiny, emotional aspects. Of course, you want that aspect too, but too much time is often spent episode after episode on it.

As the team plans to handle Fallout, Siren-X overhears their conversation and disrupts Fallout’s transfer. The Thinker shows up as well, but because Barry freezes with PTSD, Siren-X goes off with Fallout, Joe, and Caitlin instead–throwing Devoe into a rage of fury because it’s an outcome he didn’t predict.

Cisco is able to find the missing piece needed to fix the Thinking Cap and urges Wells to fix it, but he finally breaks down and admits to Cisco what has happened. Meanwhile, Siren-X heads to CCPD with Fallout, Caitlin, and Joe and starts to use her powers to overheat Fallout. Snart and Barry speed over there but Siren-X knocks them back.

Once again, Barry freezes as Fallout overheats. Luckily, Snart talks Barry out of the moment and they are able to take down Siren-X and stop Fallout from overheating and blowing up the city. Barry finally breaks down and weeps over Ralph’s death.

All’s well that ends well as Fallout is safely handed off to ARGUS and Snart prepares to head back to Earth-X–to propose to Ray! Caitlin is still trying to figure out what happened to Killer Frost after Devoe touched her. It appears she is still embedded in her DNA somewhere but she isn’t sure how to access her just yet.

The episode ends with Devoe finding out where ARGUS has hidden Fallout. He has hacked the cameras of the facility and is tracking all of their activity. Oh boy.

The Flash seems to have hit a dead-end with the bus meta-human storyline. It’s really not interesting anymore, and Devoe is not really that frightening. There is so much they could explore but they don’t. The characters are all strong and have the ability to really shine but unfortunately, the writing keeps them from that. We’ll just have to see where the rest of the season takes us!

Score: 6/10

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