TV ReviewsLethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 21: Family Ties Review

Keith NoakesMay 1, 2018

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Synopsis: On Murtaugh’s first day on the job as interim captain, the wife of a popular businessman is abducted and the squad finds a connection in the case to Riggs’ father. Meanwhile, Riggs is left to grapple with his family and work. (IMDB)

Writer: Alex Taub

Director: Nick Copus

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 44mins

Airs: Tuesdays at 8pm on Citytv (Canada)/FOX (United States)

The episode started with Riggs entering Murtaugh’s house to see his father making himself comfortable and sharing a story with Murtaugh and Trish. They watch a video of Riggs’s past and as Trish goes to get popcorn out of a microwave, the house explodes. This was obviously a dream sequence. Murtaugh is the new interim captain while Avery is away. He then got invited to the executive floor where he was given an abduction case involving the wife of a major donor to the city. He had never been on the floor but Riggs was also invited. The case was also connected to his father who could be released in exchange for his assistance.

Leo showed up to ruin the moment. He wanted them to work together on a class action lawsuit against Murtaugh and Riggs but Murtaugh wasn’t interested. Riggs went to visit his father who was hesitant about helping. Riggs followed up with the intel he got and stumbled onto another Riggs. An explosion destroyed most of the evidence except for a thermos with DNA evidence that confirmed the involvement of another Riggs, a brother named Garrett. Leo inadvertently gave them another tip on the case.

Murtaugh and Riggs stumbled onto a drop where Riggs saw Garrett and chased him while Murtaugh awkwardly commandeered a bus. Garrett eventually got hit by a taxi as he plead to Riggs that he didn’t have a choice. The LAPD brass had taken a keen interest in the case so they weren’t exactly thrilled to hear about what was happening. The FBI were taking over the case, however, it’s not like Murtaugh and Riggs were going to let it go. At least Murtaugh wasn’t but Riggs wasn’t interested.

Murtaugh couldn’t work in his office because of all the stuff he requisitioned. A new lead prompted Riggs to get back on the case. The drop was for less money than was first revealed. The abductors just wanted the means to make meth since their pipeline was destroyed. While Leo was following someone involved, Riggs was on the roof of a pharmaceutical truck. Leo got taken and Riggs took care of the truck.

The truck driver tried to convince Riggs to let him go in exchange for his father’s life. He let him go but shot him as he ran away. Murtaugh and Bailey caught up to Leo using the LAPD Ferrari and saved the day.

Avery actually left to run for office. Despite more qualified candidates, Murtaugh was offered the captain job. Trish was excited for him. Martin’s father was released and went to visit Garrett. Riggs thought against visiting Garrett when he saw his father there. His father thanked him for all he did and vowed to see him again.

Overall, this was a decent episode with a plot that furthered Riggs’s relationship with his father. The episode was compelling to watch for the most part with Murtaugh strutting his stuff as captain but the appearance from Leo didn’t quite work here although the idea of a class action lawsuit against Murtaugh and Riggs was a fun idea. This procedural run has been fun for the most part, however, it’s the serialized character stories that makes the show great so hopefully it will go back to that because we haven’t had of that this season.

Score: 7.5/10

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