TV ReviewsNew Girl Season 7 Episode 4: Where the Road Goes Review

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Synopsis: The gang gathers for a one-year memorial service for a beloved friend. Meanwhile, Jess discovers Coach owes Nick a large sum of money. (TVGuide)

Writer: Noah Garfinkel

Director: Michael Schultz

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 22mins

Airs: Tuesdays at 9:30 pm on Citytv (Canada)/FOX (United States)

“Where the Road Goes” starts off with the gang driving in the pouring rain as part of a funeral procession. Apparently Coach is on his way. Aly is visible upset and it is revealed that the funeral is for Ferguson. Except it isn’t his actual funeral, but the one-year anniversary and unveiling of his tombstone. They have the service at the bar with faces of old as Sam, Outside Dave and Coach arrive to help mourn Winston’s feline friend.

Coach greets everyone, and even suggests getting a new cat for Winston, but Nick is snappy towards his old pal. Something is up. Cece feels like Winston has mourned for long enough causing Schmidt to question how long she would mourn him. Coach and Nick continue to fight and Jess decides to intervene. Turns out Coach owes Nick $71,000 and he’s not happy about it. Nick gave Coach money for a gym, but turns out it was a failed restaurant idea called Coach’s Jim. The service continues as Cece gives a speech about Ferguson and the precinct’s acapella group sing a song in honour of the fallen feline.

Schmidt continues to be upset with Cece’s remarry plan, even after she promises to wait 100 years. As Nick starts to break down and let secrets off of his chest, Jess reveals that she killed Ferguson just as they are about to take the stage and recite a poem in tribute. This can only go well. As Jess talks about their times with Ferguson, Nick lets it slip that she killed him. Everyone is shocked and she decides to explain what happened. Turns out he ate some of her craft supplies and died the following day. She storms off giving the stage to Robbie dressed in a red unitard ready to do an interpretive dance.

Winston pulls Jess aside and tells her it wasn’t her fault, it was a heart attack. Aly asks Winston to tell the story and as he talks about his final moments with Ferguson the gang burst into tears, all except Winston who believes he hears a cat in the building and searches for it. The service ends, but Winston is still adamant there is a cat in the bar. Nick and Jess check the office where they talk about her murder secret over a glass of scotch. Schmidt corners Cece again about her answer and she breaks down about how she doesn’t want to think about it because she can’t fathom not being with Schmidt.

And back to the elephant in the room. Jess sits Nick and Coach down to settle their differences. Coach lost contact because he was embarrassed with everything that happened, but they reconcile over a very awkward story and Coach gives back the first $5,000. Aly stops Winston from going cat crazy, explaining he needs to let out a cry over his fallen friend and he does so. The group meets up and he reveals the cat he heard isn’t real, but a manifestation of his sadness. However, Aly interrupts him to the sounds of an actual cat who Winston decides to adopt. The episode ends as the cat’s real owner arrives asking for the cat to which Jess offers $5,000 to keep the cat and the owner accepts.

Overall, this was a decent episode. Only a show like New Girl can think of centering an entire episode around the funeral service of a beloved pet and somehow make it work. The funeral allowed for a lot of cameos that bring nothing to the story, but act more as “Hey, I remember you” moments. It’s surprising that this is only the second episode Aly has been in, despite her relationship with Winston and hopefully that changes going forward. It was able to tell a story focused more on the original characters and their friendships bringing us back to the root of this show’s charm and hilarity. If only there were more jokes and more Nick-Schmidt hijinx.

Score: 6.5/10

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