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The Terror Season 1 Episode 8: Terror Camp Clear Review

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Synopsis: Deaths under mysterious circumstances create paranoia among the men, and some of the crew may be considering mutiny. (IMDB)

“Terror Camp Clear” starts off with Crozier and Fitzjames discussing the monster as they walk over to the pyre where Gore left the letter for London. They update it and walk back, sharing stories of the past with Fitzjames revealing that he was given his position for helping Franklin’s family. He feels like a fake, despite Crozier’s attempts to say otherwise. He breaks down about being the child of an affair and being cast out of his family, even being forced to take a fake name James Fitzjames. He opens up to his captain about everything and his constant struggles with vanity. As they return to camp, they hear a bell and the marines scatter causing them to rush back to see what is the matter.

Crozier is informed of Lt. Irving’s death at the hands of the Inuit party whom Mr. Hickey, Lt. Hodgson and the other men were about to subdue. They learn that Mr. Hickey was the only one to see the attack and the captains immediately want to see the bodies. They call Lady Silence in to ask if the attack looks like Inuits did it, but she confirms it does not. Mr. Hickey talks to the men about the fear of an Inuit counterattack stirring further paranoia into the crew, but he’s brought to Crozier. The men continue to show problems with their health: mysterious bruising, increased frostbite, continued symptoms of lead poisoning. These men are on the verge of insanity. Crozier, Hickey, Lady Silence, Dr. Goodsir and Mr. Blanky walk out to the site of the dead Inuit party where Crozier instructs Hickey to show him the spot he found Lt. Irving while Dr. Goodsir comforts a mourning Lady Silence.

Back at the camp a dense fog has appeared causing the men to slowly get paranoid that the Inuits will use it to their advantage. The marines decide to open up the armoury to the men without no officer’s approval. Fitzjames undresses in his tent to discover he is slowly being covered in oozing scabs while Collins finds his sanity is gone as he stumbles through the camp. Crozier blows a whistle to signal they are back, but they are greeted by a gunshot. Fitzjames quickly runs out to meet them to inform Crozier of the guns distributed to the men. With Hickey running into the camp, they know Lady Silence is no longer safe and instruct her to leave on her own. Dr. Goodsir tries to convince her to stay, but she knows she isn’t safe and departs.

Mr. Hickey meets up with his men to tell them that the plan is in motion and to be prepared. And so they should be as Crozier instructs Dr. Goodsir to perform an autopsy on Lt. Irving, which reveals he was fed seal meat by the Inuits proving that Mr. Hickey is lying about what happened. Thanks to Lt. Little, the officers learn that the marines are under Hickey’s influence and that they plan to arrest Mr. Hickey and Sgt. Tozer. The traitors are separated into tents and sentenced to death by hanging for their crimes. Crozier tells the men about the other caravan’s fate and Hickey’s selfish and rat-like tendencies by revealing what really happened to Lt. Irving.

Mr. Hickey uses his last words to explain how Crozier planned to abandon his men to get out for himself. He’s interrupted as Mr. Collins runs into the execution laughing hysterically followed closely by the Tuunbaq. As the monster lays waste to camp, Mr. Hickey and Tozer retreat to the armoury to try to steal some weapons, but they are stopped by Crozier. With the camp in pandemonium and men being eaten left and right, Mr. Hickey enacts his plan by burning the camp to the ground and stealing all the supplies for him and his mutineers. Lt. Little is able to catch up to Tozer, but is unable to kill him. The episode ends as Fitzjames is able to retrieve a fireworks cannon from the reserves and hit the Tuunbaq who runs off and eats Collins alive in front of Sgt. Tozer.

Captain’s Log

  • Who survived the Tuunbaq attack?
  • Who went with Mr. Hickey? Who stayed with the captains?
  • Are the captains without any supplies or do some remain?
  • Will Dr. Goodsir save any of the injured men?
  • Can Lady Silence control the Tuunbaq?
  • Who is next?

Overall, this was a great episode. Both horror elements, physical and psychological, come to a head here as tensions boil over causing characters to enact their plans and choose their sides. The eerie haze of the fog paired with the immersive cinematography continues to imbue the harsh, desolate atmosphere that this series has perfected in such a short amount of time. The acting on this show continues to be a selling point as the ensemble cast, led by the magnificent Jared Harris, continue to sell the struggles this crew is facing with loyalty, sanity and morality. With supplies low, the men divided and numbers dwindling, the final two episodes could go several different ways and that unpredictability makes the horrors that await even more terrifying.

Score: 9/10


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  1. Once again, I can’t comment because I haven’t seen episode 8. However, to continue our conversation, I made it to episode 7 and am really, really digging this show. I think the psychological horror component is much more compelling than the giant bear, although I do wonder where ol’ Smoky got off to…

    • The show definitely does get significantly better once it veers away from the repetitive monster attack of the week format to focus on the psychological aspects of survival and humanity. I can see it only getting better from here.