TV ReviewsBarry Season 1 Episode 8: Know Your Truth Review

Keith NoakesMay 13, 2018

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Synopsis: Barry vows to give up his life of crime, once and for all. Pazar enlists Vacha’s replacement to take care of Fuches. Moss and her team close in on a major arrest with hopes of finally cracking the Madison case. (HBO)

Writers: Alec Berg and Bill Hader

Director: Alec Berg

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 32mins

Airs: Sundays at 10:30pm on HBO Canada (Canada)/HBO (United States)

The series has now somewhat righted the ship. Or has it?

The episode started with Fuches getting an intruder but was relieved when it was Barry. He was taking his money and leaving him for good. Fuches came to see Pazar to talk him down and offer him Barry to try and repair their relationship. Pazar already knew that he was alive and where he was. He then set Vacha’s replacement to take care of Fuches. Pazar’s plan was to look for Barry at the acting class though Hank was didn’t think he would be there after what happened.

Barry got a call from Hank about Fuches and the acting class. Meanwhile, Moss and Loach got a warrant to go after Pazar. Fuches was not dead yet as Vacha’s replacement wanted to kill him in a needlessly elaborate way. Just as Pazar was going to kill Fuches himself, Barry saved him by killing Pazar and a few of his henchmen, including Pazar’s replacement. When Hank saw what happened, he knew it was Barry.

Barry dropped Fuches off at the airport, claiming that he was done for good, again. Once the police arrived at the crime scene, they figured that it was the Bolivians in a war started by Taylor and the dead actor. Meanwhile, Hank and Sifuentes mingled. During the subsequent press conference, Cousineau flirted with Moss over the phone. Barry met Sally at a bar to say goodbye because he was afraid of his process. Sally shared hers and told him that they could talk about it. She urged him not to quit and he appeared to change his mind after being given a comedy that they could do together.

Barry and Sally rehearsed by a lake near Cousineau’s cabin. The comedy they were going to do turned into a production starring the two of them. Moss arrived later for a barbecue. Cousineau told a story about why Barry got into acting in the first place, knowing more information that he was supposed to. In the middle of the night, Moss looked up Barry on Facebook and found a connection between Barry and everything that happened.

Barry stumbled onto Moss and began to explain who he was and how he was a different person now but she didn’t buy it. As they walked back to the cabin, Barry did not want to use a stashed gun, however, gunshots erupted outside while Sally slept. A distraught Barry got back into bed and closed his eyes while saying “Starting now”.

Overall, this was a good episode until the end. Was it a dream sequence because Cousineau’s story and the weird final scene seemed to point in that direction but who knows? The Chechen situation seems to be handled with Hank appearing to take control and making nice with Sifuentes, Fuches is gone for now, and Barry is still in the acting class. The murder investigation over the course of the season appeared to be over until the last few scenes showed something different. After a meandering middle part of the season, the series has somewhat righted the ship and it will be interesting to see where things go next season.

Score: 8/10

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