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Typically sitcoms that are pushed to spring on a reduced episode count are throwaways by the networks to fill air time, however, some of these shows end up being diamonds in the rough (See: The Office). While a sitcom set in an airport following the lives of airport personnel seems a bit unconventional, workplace comedies tend to be largely successful thanks to their great ensembles and LA to Vegas follows that trend.

The main story of season one revolves around the ongoing relationships and personal lives of Jackpot airline employees Ronnie (Kim Matula), Bernard (Nathan Lee Graham) and Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott) as they interact with their passengers Colin (Ed Weeks), Nichole (Olivia Macklin) and Artem (Peter Stormare). The flight crew must juggle dealing with issues onboard their weekend route, including solving problems in their passengers personal lives, while never really being able to keep their own lives together.

Many shows are unable to create a strong, developed ensemble within a full first season and yet LA to Vegas is able to do so with half the time. These characters on paper are full blown caricatures that would overuse their distinct traits for tiresome, one-dimensional laughs, however, these characters develop into flawed, three-dimensional people that are able to tolerate, respect and even like each other as they are forced to live in close proximity of one another. The absurdities of the characters are less pronounced thanks to the subtle acting of the cast who are able to add charisma to each of these otherwise unlikable people. Standouts of the season were Dylan McDermott, Peter Stormare, Amir Talai and Nathan Lee Graham.

The situations and stories of the season seem to be slightly romanticized like any show, but the writing keeps them relatable and relevant. By showing both the perspectives of the flight crew and the passengers, the stories allow the audience to immerse themselves into the shoes of the passengers while seeing things from the other side. The show constantly pokes fun at airlines, flying and the corporate world which further adds to the hilarity. If there’s one nitpicky thing that could be said about this show it would be that it can be campy at times as situations are stretched to their believable limits, but they are quickly brought back into reality by timely jokes and great character moments.

This season of LA to Vegas is a hilarious single-camera comedy that somehow takes outlandish scenarios and keeps them grounded. Its ensemble is able to deliver not only great comedy, but some relevant and relatable themes without downplaying their importance showing that this show is sailing across smooth skies. From its workplace setting paired with its constant hilarity, this show was delightfully entertaining so it’s definitely worth the watch.

Score: 8.5/10

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