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Keith NoakesMay 18, 2018

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Synopsis: Coulson’s life or death is the challenge the team finds themselves in, As the wrong decision will cause the destruction of Earth. (IMDB)

Writers: Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen

Director: Jed Whedon

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

Airs: Fridays at 9pm on CTV (Canada)/ABC (United States)

Maybe not the end you expected.

The episode started with Coulson still on life support. Deke didn’t want to be part of the deliberations. Daisy thought Coulson could still be useful and put the pieces back together like Robin said, however, Yo-Yo took matters into her own hands. She felt everyone was against her. Mack suggested they vote, however, May took a choice away by destroying the alien poison. Yo-Yo visited Coulson and told him about what happened. She wasn’t trying to be a bad person but Coulson would have taken her side. He respected everyone, however, Deke wasn’t planning on staying at the Lighthouse too much longer because he didn’t feel like hit fit in with everybody.

Talbot wanted some more answers from Robin as to where more gravitonium was but she refused to help. Polly was taken away as a result. Meanwhile, Talbot’s ship landed in Chicago. When he landed, Talbot pulled gravitonium from the ground and appeared to get stronger. While the team was in Chicago, Simmons was tending to Coulson. He tried to warn her against what she was about to do. May gave Coulson a choice. It was hard since he didn’t want to leave her behind.  Daisy addressed the team and admitted to letting her emotions get to her so she put Mack in charge. Everyone agreed, including Coulson who made a surprise appearance.

While Shield worked to save the people of Chicago, May found Robin who missed her mother. Mack went to look for Polly on the ship. Coulson was just there for moral support. He chose to not take the serum. Coulson thought that Talbot couldn’t be saved. Fitz returned to remind May that neither Polly or Mack made it to the future but Mack tried to save Polly anyway. They encountered alien soldiers meanwhile Daisy tried to stop Talbot, however, he brought her up in the air just to drive her through the ground which caused a shock wave. May and Fitz helped Mack and Polly then the shock wave trapped Fitz under rubble. Coulson was getting worse.

While Coulson was being tended to by a frantic Yo-Yo, Talbot tried to absorb Daisy, and Robin sensed that something was different. The serum was gone because Daisy had it to make sure Talbot got it. She quaked out of his grip and again into space. Coulson came back and Fitz was freed though couldn’t feel his legs. He was seriously injured and eventually died. An emotional Mack delivered the news to Simmons. She packed up his things. Daisy burned pictures. May destroyed a monolith piece and poured some drinks for everybody. Coulson tried to rally the team by reminding them of what they signed up for before he stepped down, however, Simmons couldn’t move on. Coulson had weeks left but he still took the time, before leaving, to tell Daisy that he was proud of her.

The zephyr then left, leaving Coulson and May in Tahiti.

Overall, this was a great season finale that would have been a great series finale had the series not been recently renewed. It’s nice that the writers had the chance to plan the season out this was just in case the series was allowed to continue. Once it does, it may not be as most would expect. Coulson is alive and Fitz died when it seemed like the opposite would be the case. There were plenty of emotional scenes surrounding their fates so it wouldn’t be right for them to take away from them by bringing either of them back in some capacity. They’ll surely find a way to bring Coulson back for season 6 and there’s also a version of Fitz frozen in space somewhere. Don’t forget that Talbot is floating up there too. Another potential big loss was Deke whose fate is uncertain after Fitz’s death. He was a great comic relief who became more endearing as the season went on. The writers will surely find a way to keep him involved somehow. Nobody turned to dust either as it was implied that the last few episodes were taking place at the same time as Infinity War but with season 6 coming post Avengers 4, we will get a better idea then. Unfortunately, that means we have to wait until 2019 to find out.


Score: 9/10

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