TV ReviewsLife Sentence Season 1 Episode 9: What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting Review

Ariba BhuvadMay 19, 2018

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Synopsis: Stella and Wes discuss their future and learn something unexpected; Aiden realizes he has feelings for a girl at his community service job; Diego’s plan to impress his new boss at brunch turns awkward when both Ida and Peter are interested in her. (TVGuide)

Writer: Louisa Levy

Director: John T. Kretchmer

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

AirsThursdays at 10pm on Bravo (Canada)/Fridays at 9pm on The CW (United States)

This week’s Life Sentence tugs at our heartstrings as Wes and Stella prematurely celebrate news that doesn’t end well. Stella and Wes have been struggling as a couple for a few episodes now, and this week things almost take a turn for the better when Stella thinks she is pregnant. But after a trip to the OBGYN, they learn that not only is she not pregnant, but her egg count is extremely low. She may never be able to get pregnant but has a very slim chance if they start trying now.

In the sentiment of creating a family, Wes declines the job offer he got from San Francisco and decides to stay at home so he and Stella can make this work. And for a while, things seem to be back to normal for them–until they aren’t. After a heated discussion with Liz, Stella realizes her sister is right about her and Wes rushing into something when they have problems to work through.

Stella tells Wes that she isn’t ready to have a baby, despite his excitement about it. And while this has once again created a rift between them, we hope that they find a way to work it out anyway sans the distractions of Dr. Grant and Pippa.

While Stella and Wes try to make sense of their predicament, Aiden seems to be falling for with one of the volunteers he works with. What begins as innocent flirting soon develops into something. However, she is wary of Aiden’s intentions because he tried to impress her by “borrowing” his neighbor’s dog and she doesn’t want to play games.

By the end of the episode, Aiden realizes he really is into her and spends time with her out of pure desire rather than ulterior motives. And it seems like she just may be into him too!

There is an interesting situation this week between Ida, Paul, and Diego this week as Diego tries to impress his new boss so he can get on a new project. In an attempt to impress her, Diego and Liz have her over for dinner while Ida tries to impress her. Ida seems to believe that the boss is into her, while later when Paul meets her he feels the same. This sparks a competition between Ida and Paul to see who can get with the boss first. Paul takes the win here because they hit it off and the boss isn’t into Ida at all.

As we near the series finale of Life Sentence, it will be interesting to see where it will all end. Will Wes and Stella get a divorce? Will Aiden find his happily ever after? There are quite a few questions on our mind and we hope it all ends on a wonderful, happy note!

Score: 7/10

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