TV ReviewsiZombie Season 4 Episode 12: You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away Review

Ariba BhuvadMay 22, 2018

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Synopsis: Major abducts Liv–but in a nice way–so Ravi helps Clive with a case. Meanwhile, Blaine tries to convince his father to take his preaching nationwide, and Ravi makes a breakthrough with his anti-zombie vaccine. (TVGuide)

Writers: Diane Ruggiero-Wright & John Bellina

Director: Jason Bloom

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

Airs: Mondays at 9pm on The CW (United States)

This week of iZombie starts to make progress with the Renegade as we head into the season finale next week, and then gear up for the final season next year (NOOO!). Things are getting complicated thanks to Filmore-Graves who has put a price on Renegade’s head and is demanding he/she come forward and surrender. This won’t end well, will it?

As you recall, last week Isobel tragically passed away, and this week Ravi and Liv are mourning her loss. But they don’t have much to grieve after Levon comes with the news that Filmore-Graves wants Renegade to surrender. When Major learns about this announcement, he tries to take matters into his own hands.

He goes to see Liv under the false pretense that he is leaving town for good after Filmore-Graves’ decision but instead injects her with a tranquilizer and takes her away to Oregon for hiding so she can’t surrender. Ravi and Levon learn the next day of what has happened but agree it is probably best to keep Liv away.

Since Ravi is currently in his zombie phase, he helps Clive out with an investigation since Liv is unable to. He ends up eating the brains of a woman that was at the Scratching Post and ends up channeling his inner woman. What his portrayal is oftentimes offensive, it does make for some funny moments this week.

In Oregon, Major and Liv have eaten the brains of an old married couple and are “deeply in love” as a result of it. Ravi and Clive visit the Scratching Post where Ravi has a vision of McKenna fighting with some guy. After interviewing the guy, they learn that she had taken a zombie cure but was still pretending to be a zombie. After seeing a video of Angus basically telling the congregation to kill McKenna, Clive decides to interrogate Angus. Clive ends up placing Angus under custody but things take a turn when someone from the congregation confesses to killing McKenna.

After playing house for a while, Liv begins to feel irritated by Major and ends up locking him in the basement with the married couple who have turned full-on zombie. She wants to turn herself in and knows she has to keep Major locked up if she is to get away. However, he won’t tell her where the car keys are and she is unsuccessful at hitchhiking. Lucky for Major she comes back to the house in the nick of time, just as Russ shows up to kill Major for being a rat. Liv still doesn’t let Major out, and takes Russ’ car keys and leaves.

Ravi seems to finally crack the way to obtain the zombie cure thanks to McKenna and Isobel’s brains and a successful rat experiment with the brains. Could this be how the series will end next year? Eeep, who knows!

Clive finally learns that Dale broke up with him out of the kindness of her heart, and when he learns the truth he tells Dale he is in love with her–and proposes! And while Liv is making her way back to New Seattle, Levon decides to pretend to be Renegade and turns himself in. When Liv shows up at Filmore-Graves to take the blame, Chase refuses to believe her at first. But ultimately he decides that Levon and Liv will be executed together.

I am nervous about where this will all end next week, and hopefully it will be somewhat of a happy ending. However, based on the promo, Liv and Levon are set to be executed and I’m nervous about how she will be saved..because she has to be, right? Until next week, folks!

Score: 6.5/10

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