TV ReviewsLife Sentence Season 1 Episode 10: The Way We Work Review

Ariba BhuvadMay 26, 2018

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Synopsis: When Stella and Wes realize that their issues are bigger than they thought, they seek professional help; Aiden starts looking for a job; Lizzie and Ida work together; Peter has to make a tough decision. (TVGuide)

Writer: Laura Putney & Margaret Easley

Director: Janice Cooke

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

AirsThursdays at 10pm on Bravo (Canada)/Fridays at 9pm on The CW (United States)

This week on Life Sentence, there is finally some progress with Wes and Stella’s tumultuous marriage. I am actually really happy about this because I did not want the series to end on a depressing note, and looks like we are steering clear of that narrative.

Over the course of the last few episodes, Stella and Wes have come to the realization that their marriage needs a lot of work. Since Diego and Liz had a lot of success through couples therapy, Stella and Wes decide it’s time to do the same. But as we all know, therapy isn’t cheap. Luckily, Stella finds a therapist through the hospital that is willing to provide free services so he can meet his hours.

While that doesn’t sound like the best idea, the young therapist very quickly identifies the root of all their problems. Because their relationship started with an end date in mind, Wes has always put Stella first, and put his needs and wants aside. Stella never asked him to do this but it’s a consequence of the situation they put themselves in.

During the time that they maneuver through their issues, Peter faces a relationship crisis of his own. In an effort to help Stella, he cancels last minute plans with his new girlfriend who decides that they need to call it quits. A bit premature, don’t you think?

Aiden finds a new calling in life when he decides he wants to buy a local bar and try turning his life around. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much of a credit score and gets denied a loan at the bank. But the banker tells him if Wes comes on a partner then the loan would be more feasible.

Wes isn’t on board with it at first, considering he has no idea if his marriage is going to work out. However, things take an optimistic turn when Stella promises to make things about Wes, rather than just her. It’s quite the sweet moment between the two after weeks of anger, frustration, and distance. They even have a passionate, intimate session as they roll around in paint. Cue the awws.

There is a very cute dynamic between Ida and Lizzie this week as Lizzie hesitantly asks Ida to make the drawings for her children’s book. While it’s initially a tough start, Ida finally is able to make the perfect set of drawings and Lizzie hire her as the illustrator.

By the end of this week’s episode, everyone seems to have made amends and is on the path to being happier. Aiden has the bar and he may be sans girl but things are looking up. Wes and Stella are back on the right track and even Peter reconnects with his girlfriend

There are three episodes left until Life Sentence comes to an end, but things are more optimistic than they started, and have been for a few weeks. Let’s hope this trend continues as we get ready to say farewell to the series.

Score: 7/10

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