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iZombie Season 4 Review

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Being a huge fan of iZombie, this season was slow at times but did not disappoint. The fact that next season will be the series’ last and final one is heartbraking because I am just not ready to say goodbye to the series–at least not yet.

The fourth season of iZombie starts off with a whole new Seattle, now that everyone knows about the existence of zombies. It had such a different feel from seasons in the past because there are no more secrets, and Liv no longer has to live in the shadows of who she is. As always, Rose McIver literally killed it playing Liv. The fact that she can play so many different characters episode after episode is mind-boggling. She is the Tatiana Maslany of iZombie.

The season was quite the journey for many of the major characters of the series. Major continued to trek on working for Filmore-Graves, while Ravi finally discovered a zombie cure (although it cannot be mass produced). Peyton continued to kick ass as Chief of Staff and advocated for zombie rights. And then there’s Liv, who went from her job in the morgue to taking over the role of Renegade, a human smuggler who saved the lives of those that were ill by turning them into zombies.

There was quite the dynamic shift for Liv as a character in the series, but it suited her well right up until the finale. She even fell in love with a man named Levon (Daniel Bonjour), who was part of the cause she decided to fight for. Unfortunately, their love story is short-lived but it was a relationship we haven’t really seen her in before–one where she was so happy.

One particularly enjoyable aspect of the season was Clive’s story. In past seasons, his story is usually glossed over but it was really at the front and center this time around. His relationship with Dale became very complicated when they decided to have an open relationship because he was human and she was a zombie. This means no sexy time without severe consequences. And while they almost called it quits, they found a way to make it work, and thanks to Liv’s sacrifice, will truly live happily ever after.

These love stories are some of the best parts of the series and the stories this season stood out even more because they felt more real and genuine than any other season before it. Ravi and Peyton, Clive and Dale, and Liv and Levon. Very sweet, very passionate, and gave all the feels.

We also saw a lot of Blaine’s journey with his father who became the leader of a zombie church spreading hate for humans. This story was sort of interesting, but it ultimately wasn’t very intriguing to watch. While it made sense in the overall plot and how the season ended, but it was just alright.

The season was a bit more heartbreaking than we’re used to on iZombie with the executions and lives lost–pretty heavy stuff for a fairly light-hearted comedy. Nonetheless, this was another solid season despite some of the slower filler episodes and I can’t wait for the series to return–even if it is the final one.

Score: 7.5/10

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