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Ariba BhuvadJuly 6, 2018

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Synopsis: Tyrone heads down a dangerous path to get closer to Detective Connors, as Tandy pretends to be a Roxxon intern in an attempt to get answers; Detective O’Reilly gets closer to Detective Connors; Evita’s Aunt Clarisse worries about Tyrone’s future. (TVGuide) 

Writers: J. Holtham & Jenny Klein

Director: Jennifer Phang

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 44mins

Airs: Thursdays at 8pm on ABC Spark (Canada)/Freeform (United States)

This week on Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Tandy inches closer to learning more about the rig explosion that took her father’s life, while Tyrone gets in too deep with the wrong people. But the episode starts off on a creepy note, Evita is seen with her aunt who is preparing to do a voodoo reading. We are in New Orleans, remember? The reading isn’t specifically for anyone, but she seems to be looking into New Orleans’ future–or at least trying to.

Tyrone follows Duane to the warehouse in an attempt to learn what his side business is. When he approaches Duane and asks for a job, Tyrone is turned away. He still doesn’t learn his lesson and ends up following one of Duane’s dealers who notices he is being followed by Ty and pulls out a gun on him–but luckily, let’s him go.

Tandy is prepared to do what it takes to learn the truth about her father’s death and how ROXXON was involved. She finds Mina Hess, who works for ROXXON, and pretends to be an intern. While Mina isn’t on board at first, she changes her mind and allows Tandy to help her out.

Ty still hasn’t been able to control his powers the way Tandy can, so he heads to the church to tell her about what happened. He also shares with her that he plans to assimilate into Duane’s operation so he can take down the cop that killed his brother. Tandy suggests that he use his powers of fear to take down one of the dealers so it opens up a spot for him.

Tandy goes to meet Mina at an abandoned amusement park where Mina’s entire setup is located. Although Tandy attempts to ask questions about Mina’s dad, who worked with her dad, she doesn’t get very far. Mina is impressed with the research that Tandy has done but it is not enough to fool her. She ends up confronting and telling her she knows Tandy is lying and learns the truth about who she really is.

Evita and her aunt continue to learn more about who Ty is and learn that he is part of a legend called the Divine Pair, and one of the pair has to die. Well well well, isn’t the story all coming together now?

Connors and O’Reilly head out to together to investigate for the day, but when they run into one of Duane’s dealers, Connors lets him go. The dealer then runs into Ty, who steals his backpack from him after making him see his fears. This lands him a job with Duane on a trial basis. However, Ty learns that Duane was there the night his brother died and learns about Duane’s close association with Connors.

Mina goes to visit her dad, who we learn is not doing well and doesn’t speak anymore. He appears to be in a semi-vegetable state and Tandy sees this for herself when she shows up. Mina asks her why she chose to lie and Tandy tells her she didn’t know she could tell the truth. Although she can’t speak to him, she touches his hands and sees a vision which shows the smoke that comes from Ty’s powers in it. When she attempts to touch it, she is brought back to reality. Ty may be the key she needs!

In the final moments of the episode, Connors goes to speak with Duane and tells him to shoot O’Reilly when she walks in because she is getting too close to learning the truth. But before Duane can shoot O’Reilly, she shoots him and he dies on the spot. Unfortunately, Ty sees everything unfold and cries out before running away as Connors runs after him. He teleports to the church and breaks down in tears as Tandy approaches him to ask what has happened.

Alright, Cloak & Dagger is starting to pick up and the story is getting more and more interesting as each episode goes by. The Tandy/Tyrone dynamic is getting better and now Tyrone has to channel his powers like Tandy has learned to. The two together seem like they will be all sorts of badass, so it’d be nice for that to happen already! Hopefully, we’re getting to that point soon!

Score: 7/10

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