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Mission: Impossible – Fallout Team Review

There has been plenty of hype behind one of this weekend’s newest releases, Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Many have proclaimed it to be the best film in the now 22-year-old franchise and also one of the best action movies in recent memory. Tom Cruise is definitely not slowing down with age. The hype is real as far as I’m concerned and you can read my review here. But what did some other members of our team think? Read their thoughts about the movie below:

Daniel Azbel (@daniel_azbel)

The Mission Impossible franchise, even though 6 films in now, is far from saturated! Although quite different from the previous films in the franchise in terms of tone, Fallout still maintains the incredible stunt work and action choreography that made us all love the series to begin with. Even into his late 50s, Tom Cruise still has the incredible charm and work ethic we’ve always known him to be, adding to what is already such a passionately made production. Unfortunately, an inconsistency of pacing and a rather jumbled plot which is way too intricate for a film of this kind, held back my enjoyment slightly.

Score: 7.5/10

Ben Scanga (@ScangaBen)

In this latest entry of the franchise, McQuairre finds a comfortable blend of the third installment’s emotional stakes and boundary-pushing, death-defying action spectacles that leave you craving for more. He continues to elaborate on ideas and anxieties explored in the franchise’s previous entry but the whole narrative seems a lot more compact. Aside from briefly exploring these topics to an underwhelming degree, he decides to take a head-first dive into Hunt’s psyche during these moments of confrontational tension. The narrative can become slightly bloated and sporadic in terms of its agenda at times but this just assists in adding an exclamation mark to what the film is attempting to explore. It served as a 150-minute glimpse into the world of a seeming superhero’s crisis and what truly happens when it all begins to become far too much. This was some of the boldest character explorations since Abrams introduced emotions to the heterogeneous mixture of bold filmmaking that is Mission: Impossible.

Score: 9/10

Dylan S. Phillips (@filmfanaticshow)

With most franchises it is near impossible for the sequels to ever do better than the bar the original sets. However, fitting to its name, Mission: Impossible has done so since Ghost Protocol reinvented the franchise and the sixth instalment is no different. Mission: Impossible – Fallout is an action-packed epic that somehow manages to outdo its predecessors. It not only impresses with awe-inspiring set pieces and sublime cinematography, but pairs them with a cleverly written script that brings genuine comedy, emotional moments and a constant thrill ride that never ceases to have you on the edge of your seat. This is not only the best film of the summer, but the best action film of the 21st century.

Score: 10/10