TV ReviewsSharp Objects Season 1 Episode 4: Ripe Review

Keith NoakesJuly 29, 2018

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Synopsis: Camille agrees to show Richard some of Wind Gap’s crime scenes, though the tour opens up old wounds. Alan confronts Adora about her sharing confidences with Chief Vickery, who is concerned about the Crellins hosting the annual “Calhoun Day” attended by Wind Gap’s youth. Fired from his job at Preaker Farms, John shares off-the-record revelations with Camille that raise fresh concerns for her. (HBO)

Writer: Vince Calandra

Director: Jean-Marc Vallée

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 49mins

Airs: Sundays at 9pm on HBO Canada (Canada)/HBO (United States)

Now we’re back on track. After last week’s episode was steered off course due to Amma’s insufferability, we are back on the case with the end of this episode featuring a non-shocking shocker. This episode started where the last left off with Preaker almost leaving Wind Gap. She came to her senses but all her bad experiences were catching up to her. We also got to see more flashbacks of her being ignored in favor of her other sister which continued to happen in the present. Amma and her friends still had to get their shots in about Preaker’s relationship with Richard, however, she was adamant that Richard was not her boyfriend.

Richard wanted he and Vickory to share information but Vickery continues to be suspicious of Richard. Preaker took Adora’s place at a meeting with some of her girlfriends after she got injured in the last episode while working in some rose bushes. The other women weren’t shy in sharing their opinions on what really happened. Afterwards, she and Richard went on a tour of past Wind Gap crime scenes (coincidentally where a lot of the Preaker flashbacks took place) where Richard answered on the record questions about the case, ending with the infamous creepy shed and them getting really close.

Vickery and Adora were close, being prominent members of the community, so he made her a visit to talk about her daughters and about the town’s annual “Calhoun Day”. When she returned home, Preaker was greeted by an intoxicated Adora who seemed to be confusing her with someone else or was taking out her frustrations on Preaker. It may have been unclear but it was still a powerful scene between Adams and Clarkson. In another powerful moment between Clarkson and Czerny, Alan finally confronted Adora about his own feelings, however, she wanted none of it.

John Keene was feeling pretty low after losing his job at the slaughterhouse. Back home with his girlfriend, he left because he was no longer in the moods. After he left, his girlfriend noticed blood underneath their bed. Like a loving girlfriend, she began cleaning up. In another good scene between Adams and Smith, Keene found himself at the bar with Preaker. He dropped a bombshell when he told her about the relationship between his sister Natalie and Ann as well as their relationship with Amma who all played together in the infamous creepy shed.

This new revelation flicked a switch within Preaker, leading to a uneasy and choppily edited scene that had a lot going on it all while she frantically tried to find Amma who was playing with her friends until something bad was about to happen.

Overall, this was a good episode that put the series back on track and put the focus back on Preaker and the case. The performances were on point throughout while the budding chemistry between Adams and Messina has been fun to watch so far. The last sequence was so uneasy to watch and will hopefully be the turning point for the series where it will hopefully kick things into high gear.

Score: 8/10

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