TV ReviewsStation 19 Season 2 Episode 4: Lost and Found Review

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Synopsis: Sullivan assigns each member of the crew a specialty skill to learn. During a house call, Ryan is caught off guard when he comes face-to-face with someone from his past; and Sullivan, Andy and Maya handle a structure fire in a derelict building. (TVGuide)

Writer: Jim Campolongo

Director: Marcus Stokes

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

Airs: Thursdays at 9pm on CTV (Canada)/ABC (United States)

“Lost and Found” starts off with the girls enjoying a night on the town where they tease Victoria about Mr. Station 23, Maya defends Sullivan’s tactics and Andy flirts with a fellow bar-goer. Ryan visits Pruitt, who is building a model fire truck, to check in on him and he offers to take his neighbour to his next appointment. At Dean’s house, he’s greeted by Victoria who brought her own kayak and Jack who invited her over and is there to make breakfast. She talks about Andy’s flirting the next before, which makes Jack feel a little awkward.

At the station, Ben and Travis confide in each other about their significant others with Travis complimenting Ben on his perfect relationship. Victoria asks Andy about what happened after she left and Andy reveals she gave the mysterious Brad he digits. This gossip talk is interrupted by line up. Captain Sullivan has decided to train each of them in a different specialty with Andy being stuck with Recruitment.

Meanwhile, Ryan is in the middle of taking down an illegal poker game, when he notices one of the people are missing. He searches the house to find a man hiding who turns out to be his estranged father. He is obviously upset by seeing him and needs to get out of there. Andy complains to Maya about Sullivan so she diverts the topic to rules for house guests. At home, Pruitt receives a phone call from Brad as Andy gave out the wrong number.

The team receives a call for a structure fire and Sullivan instructs Maya to act in her new specialty role of Incident Operations making her act as Lieutenant in this situation. Maya gives out orders to the team and when Andy tries to interject Sullivan tells them team to disperse. Travis and Victoria are paired off which prompts a heated discussion about going to therapy and Travis stating he believes what he did was the right choice.

Maya reports that the hydrant has been shut off and suggests that after a sweep of the surrounding area that they watch the building burn down. Unfortunately, Jack and Dean learn that there are squatters hiding inside. The crew watches two children exit a vent at the base of the building and as they go to help them, one of them re-enters the building to rescue 5 more trapped children.

After he files out paperwork, Ryan’s dad sits down in the back of his police car and tries to mend his relationship, but Ryan will have none of that. He gets a call for a robbery in progress and reluctantly takes his dad with him. Ryan interviews the victim, who is unable to recall all the facts, but can specifically detail the assailant. Ryan’s dad pulls him aside to discuss the convenience of the situation and suspects foul play, but Ryan says not everyone is a con-man. He looks at the victim who makes a run when he is easily tackled by other officers. Ryan reveals he knew before his dad ever told him and his dad pats his shoulder in pride.

Back at the fire, the team enters behind the girl and find the majority of the kids, but with the fires raging and no water from the outside, they need to find the building’s water valve to save the others. Outside, Jack deals with a very untrusting kid who doesn’t want to be touched, so he bear hugs him and tells the boy that everything is going to be okay. Dean watches this interaction before being called by Victoria to follow her back into the building. Jack wants to tend to the boy’s burn before infection and opens up to the boy about feeling alone and not wanting to ask for help. He teaches him how to use the first aid tools to help himself, but the boy opts to get help from Jack.

Sullivan heads over to Maya to criticize her leadership and staying outside when the situation escalated inside. In the building, Dean and Victoria find the remaining children, but as Andy and Travis turn on the water valve they learn that it was filled with an accelerant and the fire spreads rapidly. They manage to turn off the valve, but the children are choking on smoke and they have no air and no exit.

The team outside learns that they have water coming in two minutes as Sullivan runs into the building to try to help. The girl collapses and Ben gives his mask to her. Victoria and Dean give their masks to the kids as they find a wall they can potentially break down. Lucky for them, the captain arrives and is able to help give them their exit. When Ben asks Travis to help tend to the girl, he freezes up, but is able to snap out of it and switches off with Ben.

With the hoses live, the team works to spray down the building in record time. A team enters and is able to retrieve the rest of them from inside. Jack asks about the boy he was tending to, but after he left the boy fled. Ryan and his dad have a talk about him being a bad guy and Ryan not wanting to be used by his dad, but he just wants to make things right with his family. Andy goes to the girl, who is scared of what will happen to her friends. She was supposed to protect them and she failed. Andy reassures the girl and commends her for her bravery before giving her an invitation to come by the station.

Sullivan reveals to Andy that the accelerant in the pipes was antifreeze, they could not have planned for that and she shouldn’t beat herself up over it. Travis opens up to Ben about freezing during the call and mentions the therapy group to him. While he doesn’t want to open up to people, Ben says he was able to do it with him and comes to the conclusion that he is Travis’ work wife. At the station, Andy freaks out that Brad has probably been talking to her dad while Maya is disappointed in her performance during the call.

Andy is worried that there is something going on between her and Maya, but she commends her for her work today. Travis and Victoria sit down together at the therapy meeting where they see Chief Ripley talking to the group about his own struggles with the skyscraper call. He talks about needing to rely on each other because this job makes them family. Victoria confronts Ripley after the meeting to apologize for her actions towards him and he forgives her. He suggests she stands up to talk at the next meeting because her experiences will help a lot of firefighters.

Meanwhile, Dean sits down with Jack at the dock and asks how he knew there were squatters. Jack reveals he used to be one of them. He grew up in the system and had no real family until Station 19 so Dean offers that Jack moves in with him. The episode ends as Andy comes home to see Pruitt and Ryan on the porch talking about his dad. She opens up about disliking Sullivan and Pruitt wants to intervene, but she wants to deal with it herself. As Pruitt answers the phone for Brad, Ryan suggests they have a real talk some time soon.

Captain’s Log

  • Will David from Station 23 stick around?
  • Will Maya’s application cause a rift between her and Andy?
  • Are Jack and Ryan becoming friends?
  • Will Victoria become a favourite of Chief Ripley?
  • What is Robert Sullivan’s deal?
  • Will his past with Jack and Dean cause problems?
  • How long will Ryan and Jack be able to resist Andy?

Overall, this was a decent episode. The specialty assignments will allow each of the characters to branch out from their comfort zones and show more of their personalities as they are brought out from life or death situations. The call of the week wasn’t the most gripping of situations we have seen, but the development between characters more than makes up for it as we continue to see friendships blossom as well as crumble through various interactions. It was a nice change of pace having a police-centric storyline paralleling and separate to the fire call. Ryan has been a supplementary character to Andy and Jack for much of the series so it’s good to see him get his own development outside of them. With Andy warming up to Sullivan, it will be interesting to see if she manages to convince him to change his mind about her and roadblock Maya along the way. 

Score: 7.5/10

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