TV ReviewsBrooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 1: Honeymoon Review

Keith NoakesJanuary 11, 2019

The Nine-Nine are back!

Synopsis: Jake and Amy go on their honeymoon; Gina and Charles get into a family squabble; Terry tries to live up to his new nickname. (IMDB)

Writer: Neil Campbell

Director: Giovani Lampassi

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 22mins

Airs: Thursdays at 8:30pm on CityTV (Canada)/9pm on NBC (United States)

The cold open was typical B99 with Andre Braugher’s classic deadpan as Captain Holt and Samberg’s lovable doofus-ness as Jake. For those who didn’t remember last season, Holt was in the running to be the new Police Commissioner. The squad was at the bar waiting to hear the news about Holt’s possible promotion. He seemed excited at first (it’s hard to tell with Holt) but he just misread the email. Holt wasn’t getting promoted so leave it to Jake to ruin the moment with a boombox playing “Y’all Ready For This”.

During the meeting, Jake gloated about the wedding insurance money he and Amy earned. They decided to use the money for their honeymoon. They were enjoying their resort but things got awkward once they found Holt who was recuperating after the lost promotion. He felt betrayed and was going to stay at the resort until he got his head straight. He promised to stay away from Jake and Amy but of course he couldn’t. Holt was a real downer while projecting his insecurities on them.

Jake and Amy involved Holt in their couples’ activities to cheer him up but it was just weird. They got Holt to leave them, however, he didn’t want to go back to the 9-9 either. He wanted to quit but Jake took him back to their room to convince him not to. They interrupted Amy who was dressed as Bonnie Bedelia from Die Hard. Jake and Amy played good cop and bad cop on him and it seemed to work  by reinvigorating him into someone who doesn’t care as much anymore. Before leaving, Holt paid to extend Jake and Amy’s stay so they could have more sexcapades.

Gina’s mom and Charles’ dad were getting a divorce which concerned Charles more than Gina. Charles needed to figure out why. Gina’s mom was cheating on Charles’ dad so she told her mom to get a divorce. Meanwhile, Terry was struggling running the precinct in Holt’s absence. Holt created a binder for whoever would replace him if he got the promotion but Terry tried to pretend that he didn’t need it since he had everything under control which he clearly didn’t. It was on his computer but they didn’t know the password. His attempts led to his hard drive being deleted. Holt’s hard drive was also saved to the cloud, however, his security questions would also prove challenging. Ultimately, Terry found his confidence.

Once Jake and Amy returned to the precinct, they were greeted by Holt who informed them that his attempt to stand up for himself may have started a war with the NYPD.

Overall, Honeymoon was a great episode that works thanks to the chemistry between Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, and Andre Braugher. It would have much better served by focusing on the honeymoon subplot as there were plenty of hilarious moments here. Holt’s novelty shirts pretty much made the episode. The other subplots felt like an afterthought in comparison. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see where this new version of Holt goes since we’ve been so used to reserved Holt for 5+ seasons. Let’s just be glad that it’s back.

Score: 8.5/10

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