MoviesFive Films to Watch If You Like ‘Arctic’

We recommend our top five picks to watch after you’ve seen this snowy survival story.

Survival stories are a staple in film, TV and other mediums as it uses one of the oldest battles: man versus nature. The latest in this genre is the icy tale Arctic starring Mads Mikkelsen and directed by YouTuber-turned-filmmaker Joe Penna. It not only puts man in the elements, but makes him face the harshest environment imaginable.

For this week’s list of movie recommendations, I’ve looked at the films that could have influenced this film or are just great survival stories in the genre. These films aren’t cinematic masterpieces by any means, but they certainly quench the craving that Arctic might leave you with after watching someone stripped of their humanity.

THE GREY (2011)

When looking at survival stories about bracing the coldest environments, The Grey is an easy no-brainer. A group of oil workers find themselves trapped in the Arctic after their plane crashes which already poses a similar premise. Add in the ways they survive and the hostile animals they face and this film draws even more comparisons. If you enjoyed Arctic‘s story, character, themes, tone or atmosphere then you might like The Grey.

EVEREST (2015)

Another film about facing frigid environments is that of Everest. This film tackles the real life events of the disastrous 1996 Expedition that pushed these climbers to their absolute limits. The snow-filled atmosphere causes the characters to face life-or-death for their entire journey making them struggle with similar themes of survival, perseverance and hope. If you enjoyed Arctic‘s story, character, themes, tone or atmosphere then you might like Everest.


Another plane crash in the Arctic, albeit this one in high terrain, The Mountain Between Us ends up being if Everest met Arctic. Two strangers are forced to survive together after their plane goes down leaving them to brace the cold elements. Again, it has a similar atmosphere and tone as they must do anything to venture forward and find their salvation. If you enjoyed Arctic‘s story, themes, tone or atmosphere then you might like The Mountain Between Us.


Finally the last of the snowy survival stories worth mentioning is The Snow Walker. Another plane crash, another Arctic trek and this one with only one companion. It draws a lot of comparisons to the newest survival release, despite feeling slightly outdated. If you enjoyed Arctic‘s story, character, themes, tone or atmosphere then you might like The Snow Walker.

CAST AWAY (2000)

And what would a list of survival stories be without the go-to Cast Away. This Tom Hanks-led adventure drama pits man against the elements on a deserted island. While it isn’t the same snowy situation, the man versus nature theme is on full display. The character is forced to make tough choices and adapt to his elements much like Arctic‘s Overgard. Of course they also both deal with nearly isolated protagonists minus an unconscious woman and volleyball best friend. If you enjoyed Arctic‘s story, themes or tone then you might like Cast Away.

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