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Synopsis: Veronica attempts to steer Hiram away from the drug business, but Gladys’ return to Riverdale throws a wrench into her plan. Betty grows concerned when Alice decides to take her commitment with The Farm to the next level. Elsewhere, Archie’s rush to get into the boxing ring lands him in hot water, while Cheryl’s attempt to send the Serpents a message causes tension between her and Toni. (IMDB)

Writers: Michael Grassi

Director: Tawnia McKiernan

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 45mins

Airs: Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW (United States)

“Requiem for a Welterweight” starts off with the Jones trying to adjust to domestic life. Gladys is making breakfast, Jellybean is drinking coffee. All seems a little quaint. At the Cooper residence, Alice is preparing her wedding dress for her baptism in The Farm which instantly concerns Betty. And at the Brownstone, Hiram questions Veronica about the convenient return of Gladys and how the Joneses would need someone close to him to get this information.

Archie and Josie enjoy a date at Pop’s together while they talk about college and boxing. Archie heads to his boxing lesson with Tom Keller who gives him a pep talk. He needs to work on his technique before he jumps in the ring. On his way out, Archie sees Elio with his friend Randy a boxer. Archie offers to fight him, but Elio wants him to throw the fight in order to pay his dues and get paid. Tom Keller confronts Archie about cancelling the fight or he will be out of a coach.

At school, Archie talks to Josie about his fight and she smells shady all over it. She tells him he is worth more than being someone’s punching bag. Archie comes to Elio to cancel the fight, but he reveals that a lot of dangerous men have bets on the match. If he quits, they will be angry, so on with the fight! He goes to Tom to open up about the shady dealing and begs him to be on his side. Tom agrees, only to make sure that Archie doesn’t get killed. Before the fight, Archie gives Elio his money back who turns to Randy and tells him to kill him.

The fight commences and Archie is taking a beating. All while Josie is singing her heart out at her next gig. Elio gives Randy the throat slash gesture wanting him to end it. Josie arrives to see the end of the fight. Archie is pummeling Randy, but he gets a dirty hit in causing a break. Tom gives Archie a pep talk and says he needs to hit the KO now. They start the next round and Archie is just wailing away at Randy until the bell sounds. In a split decision, Randy wins by a slight margin. Josie congratulates Archie on not throwing the fight and asks him out for a milkshake. Instead, they head home and get it on after a hard day’s work.

Betty opens up to Jughead about her concerns and he tells her to play along, but keep tabs on her mom. They meet up with the rest of the Serpents to learn that the women have defected to Cheryl and Toni’s gang The Pretty Poisons. Jughead believes the solution is to talk to Toni and bring her back into the Serpents. He sits down with Toni, but she wants to be Queen and Jughead can’t do that. Toni returns to Cheryl who is giving the Poisons an archery lesson. She discusses her meeting with Jughead, but plans to put him in his place. Cheryl decides she has better plans for the Serpents.

They catch Sweet Pea and Fangs outside Pop’s to give Jughead a message. After getting roughed up they head to Jughead’s where Gladys suggests they tame the Ghoulies to reclaim Riverdale for themselves. Toni learns of what Cheryl did and confronts her. She reminds her who is in charge and to not go behind her back again. Jughead goes to FP and asks for immunity that would entice the Ghoulies to join. He knows this is a play by Gladys, but agrees for the sake of the gang.

Jughead has a sit down with a Ghoulie to find out what’s been going on. Turns out most of them defecting to the Gargoyles, but he knows  where the current leader Kurtz is located. He’s playing G&G in an abandoned house. Jughead tries to reason with him and bring his offer, but Kurtz is fully immersed in the world of G&G. He explains how it isn’t a game, but a prophecy and everyone are just sacrifices waiting to be made.

Betty watches as her mother does a dress fitting and learns that she has to sign a release form in case of death. She berates her and Polly, but they won’t listen to her. Betty decides to go to Kevin and hopes that he can help her. She’s trying to contact people who escaped The Farm. Unfortunately, Evelyn has gotten to him as she has helped him since Moose left. Betty calls all the numbers associated with The Farm and finally gets a response.

She meets with Martha at the bunker who reveals her sister died at The Farm. Apparently it was during her baptism, the first step of her ascension. Betty races as fast as she can towards The Farm. Meanwhile, Alice is starting her baptism with Evelyn, Polly and the rest of the Farm’s children. She is submerged in a tub, but as she gasps for air Polly holds her down. Betty arrives and pulls her off to grab her mom. She’s not breathing, but Betty is able to give her CPR and save the day.

Veronica gives her weekly payment to Gladys and opens up about Hiram’s concerns. She suggests that Veronica become her mole and she’ll erase her debt a lot quicker. Gladys plays to Veronica’s desire to protect her family and gets her agree to help. Veronica has a sit down with Hiram and talks about his opportunity to go clean now that his drug lab has been destroyed. He counters that by saying that the Ghoulies are leaderless and he could retake control of the trade. Veronica decides to bring this information to Gladys and gets on her good side.

Veronica overhears Hiram and Hermione discussing a meeting she is having with Gladys. She decides to confront her about going behind her back and breaking their deal. They shake each other down, but neither of them flinch. At the Brownstone, Gladys arrives for her meeting, but Veronica makes sure to be present. Gladys offers to take on the candy trade while Hiram works on the prison. He declines at first, but Veronica interjects and offers to be his apprentice for the prison project. Gladys asks if Hermione will be an issue and Hiram says not to worry about her.

Hiram comes to Hermione to inform her that the governor revealed that she has been working behind his back. Before he can get angry, Veronica cuts in again and says she is to blame. Hiram doesn’t believe it, but he stays reserved and tells Veronica she owes him. At the trailer, Gladys arrives with the Ghoulies and reveals she did what Jughead could not because they need to stay strong and keep control. Betty pleas with her mom about the craziness of the Farm, but she believes herself to be reborn. She plans to sell the house and force them to move to the Farm. She’s too far gone.


  • Who will wind up dead next?
  • How many Gargoyle Kings are there?
  • How long will Archie and Hiram’s truce last?
  • Will Hiram seek retribution against Hermione?
  • How long will Archie and Josie last?
  • Will Betty forgive her father?
  • How are The Farm and The Gargoyle King connected?
  • What is Gladys’ plan?

Overall, Requiem for a Welterweight was an alright episode. The continuing mystery surrounding G&G and The Farm got a little less foggy this week. Meanwhile, Riverdale is up for grabs as more and more gangs try to take control of the city’s drug trade. With so much focus being put on gangs and the supernatural aspects, other characters are getting thrown into the background. This show is at its best when the Core Four are solving mysteries together so hopefully it returns to this structure by season’s end.

Score: 7.5/10

What did you think of “Requiem for a Welterweight”? Where do you see this season going? Let me know in the comments below!

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