TV ReviewsThe Orville Season 2 Episode 10: Blood of Patriots Review

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Synopsis: Ed must initiate peace talks with the Krill. (IMDB)

Writer: Seth MacFarlane

Director: Rebecca Rodriguez

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 44mins

Airs: Thursdays at 9pm on CityTV (Canada)/Fox (United States)

Coming of the previous two-part story arc, The Orville settled into a more paced and serious storyline with Blood of Patriots which follows shortly after the successful partnership between the Union and the Krill to defeat the Kaylons. After the fog of war has lifted, the two species are both willing to enter talks of peace and Capt. Mercer along with the crew from The Orville are tasked to spearhead this treaty.

But as you would expect, conflict arises when an escaped prisoner of war from the Krill manages to board The Orville revealing himself to be former Union officer, Lt. Oren Channing, who has been in captivity for 20 years after the murder of his family at the hands of the Krill. Oren also is traveling with a companion, Layna, who is believed to be his daughter by the crew. Things take an even more interesting twist when Lt. Gordon recognizes Oren who was a long lost friend from the Academy that once saved his life. Before peace can be discussed, the Krill demand the return of Oren to be interrogated for his crimes and much to their anger and dismay Capt. Mercer asks for more time in order secure more information about their situation because something isn’t right about Oren and his story.

It isn’t until the third act where we discover that Oren did commit the Krill murders for which he’s been accused and did so during a cease fire, putting in jeopardy all that both parties have worked towards building. Oren attempts to recruit Gordon to his cause by manipulating his guilt for saving his life and revealing that he has been using the blood of his travel companion(not his daughter) as weaponized plasma to kill the Krill. In a decisive moment, Gordon chooses to inform Mercer of this and sets out with Oren to complete his mission. In the end, crisis is averted by Gordon leaving Oren to die at the hand of his own weapon on a delivery vessel meant for the Krill but is instead adrift in space. Peace talks resume between the two nations and a glimmer of hope for the future is that much closer to becoming a reality.

Blood of Patriots wasn’t this season’s strongest episode but it also didn’t need to be. Coming quickly off the heels of Identity Pts. 1 & 2, The Orville made a smart decision by settling back into its formula for storytelling each week and delivered a familiar yet still interesting episode. The only wish which could be said for most of the second season, is for it to have more humor. Granted, this particular episode didn’t allow for much light-hearted humor, however, The Orville’s ability to weave hilarious lines or gags within a semi-serious storyline has always been admirable. Nevertheless, it did not detract from its overall goal and was yet another solid entry for this season.

Score: 8/10

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