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Dylan PhillipsMarch 14, 2019

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Synopsis: When Andy, Maya and Dean respond to a call, they find an injured woman with amnesia; but soon into the treatment process, they realize there is much more to her story. Meanwhile, Captain Sullivan takes Ben and Jack on a house call that quickly becomes a close call for the patient they’re treating, while Ryan may not have seen the last of his father, Greg. (ABC)

Writer: Barbara Kaye Friend

Director: Sydney Freeland

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43 mins

Airs: Thursdays at 9pm on CTV (Canada)/ABC (United States)

“I Fought the Law” starts off with Andy trying to convince Maya to play hooky to avoid a big interview at the station. Maya has a similar sentiment as with Jack coming back that means that her days at station 19 are numbered. This is all interrupted when Ryan knocks on the bedroom door hoping to make some breakfast with Andy. He wants to have fun, but with rules and regulations and that doesn’t bode with for Andy. Meanwhile, Victoria and Ripley are enjoying their romance when they are interrupted by a text from his sister Jennifer. Victoria seems hesitant to tell people about their romance, but Ripley doesn’t want to hide her.

At the station, the team welcomes Jack back to the team. Maya pulls him aside hoping to convince him to take some more time off, but to no avail. A call comes in and the aid car is sent out. Andy talks about her very basic answers during the interview to Dean and Maya making the latter question if she has lost her firegasm. This odd conversation is interrupted by dealing with their patient, an injured woman suffering from amnesia. While tending to the woman, they find a child’s photo in her shoe, but she cannot remember who it is. They arrive at Grey Sloan where the woman becomes irritated. She doesn’t want to be taken into the hospital.

Back at the station, Travis finally arrives after riding in on his bike. He is taking up tons of hobbies after his break up with Grant. Victoria pulls him aside to bring up her new relationship status, but Travis is more concerned with taking about bikes and avoiding his feelings. The team comes by Captain Pruitt’s office and want to give him a big send off for his final shift, but he is understandably hesitant. Ben goes by Jack and tries to converse, but he sees through the captain’s ploy. He pushes Ben away only to be confronted by Victoria. She tells him the big news about her and Ripley, but he has nothing to add to the conversation.

While Ryan is on patrol, he finds his father skulking around his cruiser. He leaves him a key to a storage unit with some stuff he wants Ryan to have. Andy is greeted by Sullivan who is excited to be back. He heads to Pruitt’s office where he fills him in on various tasks to catch him up. But he uses the opportunity to chastise Sullivan’s leadership skills. He wants him to look for warning signs like Jack’s PTSD or check in on walk-in patients like Oscar because that is what a leader does. Meanwhile, Dean confronts Jack about his silent treatment. He was trying to be a good friend and wanted to help him, but Jack won’t listen.

Sullivan decides they should check in on Pruitt’s regular walk-in Oscar. He brings Jack and Ben along where they convince Oscar to let them make sure he is okay. Oscar explains that he hasn’t been around because he saw Sullivan being a hardass to his team. They continue their examination to discover he has a partially blocked valve and fluid in his lungs. Problem is there is no aid car available and he’s coughing up fluid. While Ben and Jack take care of Oscar, Sullivan decides to play a mental game of chess with Oscar to keep him calm until help arrives.

At a different hospital, Andy notices their previous amnesia victim who bolts away causing the aid car team to chase after her. They corner her and check her out while they try to figure out how she got there. Dean brings the information to Andy that the woman is faking her illness. The woman, Margaret, is actually a fugitive on the run and is using amnesia as a way to evade the law. Andy confronts Margaret about her identity, but she reveals she ran to see her son Jason. Ryan arrives and Andy tells him to hear her out. Her son is having surgery and she wants to give him hope before going in. They have to decide fast because a few more cruisers show up at the hospital. Ryan manages to bring Margaret to see her son Jason one last time before he arrests and brings her out.

Victoria decides to corner Travis on the mobile bikes to talk about her situation. Before she can open up to Travis, Ripley comes in and their interaction gives it away. He turns to her after Ripley leaves and proclaims, “You’re dating the Chief?!” Travis opens up to Victoria about his hobbies. He realizes that his life was consumed by work and his dead husband Michael so he needed something else to fill the void. He brings up her relationship with the Chief as they joke around. Although he feels hurt that Jack knew first.

While they get Oscar ready for transport, Sullivan gives his number to him to play another game some time. They hope Oscar will come around again, but his car is broken. So the team decides to repair it where Jack opens up a bit. He is fearful that with so much change happening to the station, that the family he knew is gone. Sullivan assures him that things will continue on. With everyone back at the station, Sullivan and Maya come to Ripley. He asks that Maya stays on as a third Lieutenant because he needs to keep their family together. Ripley mentions that Sullivan is sounding a bit like Pruitt and approves of the decision. Upon leaving, Maya gives Sullivan a big hug and thanks him.

Pruitt confronts Ben about his decision to quit firefighting, but he says that he will always chose Miranda. He understands the decisions and offers an alternative. There’s a program called Medic One, an elite task force that Pruitt believes Ben would excel at. Jack decides the best way to return Dean’s desire to help is to invite his family over to try to make amends. Ryan talks to Andy about their situation and throws the idea of seeing other people her way which she seems fine with.

As Pruitt tries to leave the station from his final shift, Andy grabs him and takes him to the garage. They are greeted by the entire team where they peer pressure him into taking the pole. They all proceed to take it down as various conversations are had. Maya tells Jack that she’ll be sticking around. Dean tells Ben that he has never known someone to make it through Medic One. Ripley reveals he never wanted Victoria to expose their relationship to anyone at work. Meanwhile, Ryan visits his father’s storage locker to find a bag of what he calls clean money.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Pruitt retire?
  • What will Dean do about his family troubles?
  • Will Ripley discover that Victoria told Travis?
  • How long will Victoria and Ripley last?
  • How long will Andy and Ryan last this time?
  • Will Ben join Medic One?

Overall, I Fought the Law was a decent episode. Again it plays into the incredibly unbelievable reality of the Shondaverse, but it still makes for some entertaining television. The time-jump is definitely going to take a few weeks to settle into a rhythm with the world’s new status quo. Thankfully, that rhythm took a big step forward this week by wrapping up characters’ temporary situations to bring them back into the fold. The team and their dynamic continues to be the strength of this show and this episode proves that. As long as it continues with a good blend of thrilling life-or-death situations and fun, light-hearted banter, this station’s family will stay strong and survive anything.

Score: 8.5/10

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