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Funny world we live in. Finally after what feels like an insane amount of time waiting for something, anything really for the much anticipated Todd Phillips Joker movie, we have a trailer. Now it’s easy to think that how can there be a Joker movie without Batman? How on Earth can that possibly work? How can you have one without the other, it just doesn’t make any sense. Hopefully some sort of footage from this first teaser trailer will help to shed some light.

We already know, we will have the DC fan boys raving that, well since this is Joaquin Phoenix, he will already be better than Nicholson and Leto. Some might even say he’s better than Ledger, Some people will think that this will be the second coming of Jesus. This can surely be a great film, but a Joker movie without Batman can surpass any Joker performance that has had the caped crusader. The biggest concern going into Joker is the director. Todd Phillips really isn’t known for any sort of visual style really, he’s made a few great comedies but that’s it. So it will be interesting to say the least.

So, what about the trailer, it was interesting to say the least. It’s more of a character study then trailer. This looks dark, twisted and pretty creepy. Phoenix is going full tilt here, he’s all in and it he looks great. Again it’s weird he won’t be battling The Dark Knight, but this is a good first trailer. With Aquaman and the upcoming Shazam, DC seems to be going back in the darker direction, which is fine, as long as it’s handled right. Hope this turns out great. If you’re going to follow up Heath, you need to find your own spin on this character. Phoenix has done just that. An interesting psychological, gritty thriller. Who knew we needed this.

Joker hits theatres October 4th.

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