TV ReviewsMarvel’s Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 4: Rabbit Hold Review

Ariba BhuvadApril 19, 201980/100
Amanda Row
Joy Kecken, J. Holtham
Running Time
44 minutes
Thursdays 8pm
ABC Spark, Freeform
Overall Score
Rating Summary
In Rabbit Hold, Cloak & Dagger keeps the adrenaline pumping as Tandy and Tyrone face unexpected dangers in pursuit of seeking the truth.

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Synopsis: Still on her quest to find out more about the sex trafficking ring, Tandy takes a dangerous trip to find Mayhem, who may have the answers she needs; Tyrone’s past actions catch up to him and put Adina in harm’s way. (TVGuide)

Last week, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger left off with Mayhem vanishing into Tyrone’s gust of black smoke. Where did she go? Well, that’s what this week seeks to find out. It’s rather interesting to learn and see how the series is gradually revealing just how powerful both Tandy and Tyrone are. More specifically, Tyrone’s abilities have many layers, and I feel like we’re really starting to understand what he’s all about.

With Mayhem sucked into Tyrone’s secret cloak world, Tandy and he are left figuring out how to handle this very strange situation. Basically, Tyrone explains it as Mayhem being sucked into him rather than going through him, very similar to what happened with Connors.

So how can they gain access to Mayhem and Connors? Well, Tyrone can’t go into himself, so to speak, so Tandy suggests that maybe she can. It is, after all, her greatest power. While the two of them are figuring out how to handle this very strange situation, one of the gang members from the bust sees a wanted poster with Tyrone’s face on it at the station. This certainly doesn’t bode well for a guy that is trying to stay hidden.

In order to get Tandy inside of Tyrone’s darkness, they have to find a way to trigger him. Basically, Tandy does what she does best and scares him thus bringing out the darkness. The best way to get to Tyrone comes when he starts admitting that he is afraid he won’t be able to protect his family since he failed Billy. Just like that, his smoke envelopes Tandy into his darkness.

Things get worse at the police station with the gang members, and it makes matters worse because they have Tyrone’s home address. While Tandy is deep in his consciousness, Tyrone has to work to save his mother’s life before the men get to her. Thankfully, he has Brigid helping him every step of the way.

While inside Tandy’s darkness, where she comes across a young Tyrone sitting at a gas station with a Roxxon sign above it. When she says that she is there to get Mayhem, the young boy says she will have to do a series of tasks before she can pull Mayhem through.

Meanwhile, Tyrone escorts his mother away to safety just as some of the men show up at their house. They are essentially hunted down by these men until Tyrone calls Brigid for help and asks her to take his mother to safety–and promises to surrender in exchange.

Eventually, Tandy bumps into Mayhem who isn’t pleased to see her. However, Tandy says they need to find a way out to which Mayhem says she has exhausted every effort to get out. However, as they walk around the mall in Tyrone’s darkness they stumble across a room where they find Connors. Yes, CONNORS! The man that is needed to exonerate Tyrone.

As they continue to walk around the mall, they find a record store that contains records that represent the missing girls. There’s even a section for Tandy that allows her to go back and revisit certain memories–bad and horrible memories.

While Tyrone is getting surrounded by the cops, moments away from being caught, Tandy is fighting Mayhem to keep Connors alive. She pulls out her light dagger and threatens Mayhem. But then something weird happens. Tyrone is caught by the police but then teleports back to the church. Guess who else is there? Tandy and Connors!

Unfortunately, before either of them can process what has just happened, Connors manages to run away.

Now what?

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