TV ReviewsKnightfall (2×05) Road to Chartres Review

Dylan PhillipsApril 23, 201990/100
David Wellington
Aaron Helbing
Running Time
44 minutes
Mondays 10pm
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The Templars and Crown all find themselves struggling with their faith and relationship to God on the eve of war. Each person has found their situation more complicated as they all push towards this final confrontation. This is the calm before the storm as tensions and emotions rise on both sides of this powder keg ready to explode.

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With Landry and his fellow initiates now members of the Templar Order, the real conflict can finally start between the two opposing sides vying for power. It opens with Gawain revealing to the French Court that Landry is still alive and at Chartres Temple. Here’s what went down in “Road to Chartres.”

King Philip is enraged by this revelation and banishes Gawain from the court for his lack of results. Gawain wants to prove himself to the King and offers DeNogaret a number of Templar secrets including the worship of idols deemed false by the Church. One of these metal idols is shown to the Pope and King who deem the Templars heretics and enemies of the Church. With plans to attack Chartres Temple now in their grasp thanks to the addition of bombs to their arsenal, Philip turns his attention to Louis and chastises him for not being able to kill Landry or his bastard child.

Louis manages to find the location of Landry’s child, but arrives at the convent shortly after Landry and Tancrede. Landry feels unprepared to be a father, but knows his daughter’s rightful place is with him. A skirmish with Louis develops when Landry and Tancrede do not recognize the Templars who have arrived. During the fight, Sister Anne (Claire Cooper) and Eve manage to escape on horseback while Louis is injured.

Landry and Tancrede escape and meet with Sister Anne at a nearby building, but Louis is able to track them to this location. Tancrede and Sister Anne have a somber moment as they reflect on their past relationship, but they are stopped by Louis’ arrival. They fight once again during which Landry reveals the truth about Queen Joan and Louis’ trustworthy father. Louis does not want to believe what he hears, but he questions Pascale (Pavel Bezdek), a member of Philip’s army whose tongue was cut out and learns what really happened.

Landry, Tancrede, Sister Anne and Eve manage to return to Chartres Temple alive and inform the Grandmaster (Matthew Marsh) that King Philip has been behind the Templar attacks in the region. The other Templars question Landry bringing a woman to their men-only Temple, but they must excuse this for now as the French Army has arrived ready to burn Chartres to the ground.

Meanwhile, Prince Louis tries to keep his captive Lydia (Salóme R. Gunnarsdóttir) entertained, but she feels her life is now meaningless thanks to Louis’ actions. While he is out hunting Landry, Princess Margaret finds Lydia and asks why she is wearing her dress to which she replies with her current predicament. She learns that Louis has been killing all the newborns which causes Margaret to have a few break downs before she can confront her loving husband.

  • Will Landry and the Templars be able to defend Chartres Temple?
  • Will Gawain switch sides again?
  • Who will the infamous Friday the 13th claim?
  • Will Prince Louis be confronted by Princess Margaret?
  • Will King Philip be able to keep control over the new Pope?

What did you think of “Road to Chartres”? Let me know in the comments below!

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