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Ariba BhuvadMay 10, 201980/100
Joe Pokaski
Joe Pokaski
Running Time
44 minutes
Thursdays 8pm
ABC Spark, Freeform
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In Vikingtown Sound, Marvel's Cloak & Dagger has us on the edge of our seats as an unexpected turn of events allows Tandy to break free from her captors.

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Synopsis: As Tandy tries to escape the clutches of human traffickers, Tyrone submits to his dark side, tearing up the city to find her. (TVGuide)

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger has been heavily concentrating on human trafficking in its second season, with Vikingtown Sound highlighting multiple instances of kidnapping. Last week proved to be very emotional as Tandy was subjected to living different versions of her life over and over again until she was led to believe Tyrone is dead. It’s not clear what sick joke is being played with her, but it’s not cool.

This is all courtesy of the shady business Lisa and Andre are involved with, and it’s Andre who has the ability to muck around with memories via records. Andre’s purpose for kidnapping Tandy is to torture her and feed off the power she has. A lot of us were assuming that the turnaround between Tandy’s capture and her saving the day would be quick, but we were wrong–so very wrong. Instead, Tandy is subjected to their horrible tactics to keep her subdued and out of it. She almost manages to escape at one point but is ratted out by one of the other girls.

Tandy isn’t the only girl that’s under the lock and key of Andre’s dealings, there are at least a dozen others who have been manipulated by him and Lia. Throughout the episode, Tandy loses all hope and is unable to tap into her dagger powers, especially with Tyrone nowhere near her.

When Tyrone goes looking for Tandy, he crosses paths with Andre who temporarily convinces Tyrone that Tandy has abandoned him and left. Of course, this is all part of his literal mind games which Mayhem messes around with a short while later. In fact, she stops the record that makes Tyrone believe Tandy doesn’t care from playing and then proceeds to destroy all the other records.

This happens simultaneously with the moment that Tandy gets back hope and channels her daggers. Tyrone and Tandy rain hell down on the motel and all the people involved in the trafficking ring. But it comes at a heavy price as Tyrone falls in her arms with his cloak smoke surrounding him. Um, is he okay?

In other parts of this episode, Tyrone’s mom continues to keep Conners tied up as she asks him to tell her where Billy’s body is buried. She needs closure, and this is how she intends to get it. Let’s just say Tyrone’s dad is anything but pleased over this whole situation when he sees Conners tied up in their kitchen.

The jury is still out on this Andre guy and his whole ordeal with him trying to be a god. Was there something there that would help us to understand his purpose? While there are so many questions, this episode made great strides in pushing the season’s story along further.

We have yet to see what will happen with Tyrone but based on next week’s promo, it looks like Tandy is diving deep into his psyche.

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