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Keith NoakesAugust 5, 201998/100
Sam Levinson
Sam Levinson
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And Salt the Earth Behind You was a near-perfect season finale, tying several storylines nicely, and the best example of the greatness that is Euphoria from its cleaver writing, amazing performances, and beautiful imagery. It will definitely be missed.

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Synopsis: East Highland holds a winter formal. (TV Guide)

Way to go out with a bang Euphoria! The first season of what has been a deeply compelling teen drama comes to an end with an episode that had everything (don’t let the simple synopsis fool you). Suffice it to say that things have been brewing over the season’s previous seven episodes so expect some sparks to fly once most of its volatile characters are in the same place which, since they are mostly in high school, was a winter formal. This episode would also do a great job at tying up many character storylines and hitting us right in the feels and would look amazing doing it with thanks to its  trademark cinematography and awesome soundtrack (which would somehow always fit the situation).

And Salt the Earth Behind You started with Rue in the hospital after her issues in the last episode. She seemed to learn her lesson by passing on receiving addictive medication. Rue had the time of her life at the hospital but eventually had to go back home. She conceded that she may not have been completely correct with what was happening with Jules who helped her get ready for the aforementioned formal. Jules caught up with what happened during her time away (including her other friend Anna who she may or may not be in love with).

At Rue’s AA meeting, her mom would read a beautiful letter to the group about how her daughter’s addiction impacted their family (reciting what she would say to her as a child about her future). Meanwhile, others were getting ready for the formal (Nate was talking another girl). Fezco was getting ready for something else. Once everyone arrived, they all sat at the same table to chat (it was definitely cool to see most of the characters together).

Jules was the first to leave the table after receiving a text from Anna. When Rue went to confront her, she confronted Rue about her feelings for her (but immediately shrugged it off). Meanwhile, Maddy was immediately jealous of Nate’s date (flashback scene of Nate and Maddy arguing about Nate’s sexuality after he couldn’t perform followed by Maddy finding a disc in a book while Nate was in the shower and then leaving to Cal advising her that perhaps she and Nate were not meant for one another)(flashback scene of Nate struggling during his final football game, eventually running in the final touchdown himself).

Maddy then had another guy dance with her to try and make Nate jealous which seemed to work, leading him to walk off with Rue following him. She threatened Nate but he wasn’t fazed and took shots at her relationship with Jules which she seemed to take personally (flashback scene of Cal confronting Nate after the football game where Nate tried to stand up to him until things got heated and Nate (great job Jacob Elordi!) had an epic breakdown that was too much for Cal to handle meanwhile Maddy watched the video on the disc and looked shocked). After her confrontation with Nate, Rue seemed to be done with her hometown and began to confronted Jules about their relationship.

Kat saw Ethan in the distance and went straight to him to uncharacteristically apologize for her actions towards him. She loved him and he admitted to love at first sight (they left together). Meanwhile, Cassie and Lexi swore off falling in love (flashback scene of Cassie seemingly getting an abortion and answering questions about her family’s complicated history). Fezco waited outside some rich person’s house until people left before hopping the fence and heading towards the house.

In a cool sequence, Cassie was getting the abortion in a flashback scene (listening to music and imaging herself figure skating) while Fezco robbed a wealthy and sketchy doctor (and seemingly killed him as well) to settle any friction with Mouse and Rue and Jules were getting ready to leave town (but Rue became anxious and immediately started to have second thoughts). In a very emotional moment (great job Zendaya!), Rue left Jules on train and stayed. Meanwhile, Maddy ended up with Nate anyway and they danced while she confronted him and finally came to terms with their relationship for which he also agreed.

As an upset Rue walked home, we saw her life play out on screen (in another cool sequence) from the good times to the bad ones, including time with her family and Jules to her many arguments with her mother after her father’s death and her overdose. The last heated argument ended with her retreating to her room and snorting what seemed to be cocaine and setting into motion a fantastically over-the-top sequence (set to Beyonce) ending with Rue falling off a mountain of people.

People will definitely be talking about those last five minutes. That ending definitely leaves the door open in terms of next season of Euphoria so it will be interesting to see where it goes but we will most certainly be there for that!

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