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Keith NoakesOctober 13, 201978/100
Craig Viveiros
Peter Harness
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53 minutes
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This second episode was definitely an improvement in terms of thrills and excitement, catching up with Tomlinson and Spall's performances,

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Last week’s premiere of The War of The Worlds arguably suffered from being weighed down by too much set up with its characters. The episode was a little too slow for the most part as we waited for the infamous moment to happen though once it did, it would hold more significance than many had probably anticipated, assuming that some audiences haven’t read the source material. It implied that the humans perhaps were not as successful as they thought at eradicating their alien visitors with their future becoming something eerily similar to Mars, the planet where the invaders came from. With George missing from the future, something clearly happened to cause that but we know it wasn’t when George and Amy were separated after the last attack at the end of the last episode.

This episode was definitely an improvement and started with Amy facing hard times in the future. She was pregnant in the past but had now given birth to a boy (making her the only one with a child apparently) who couldn’t help but to be curious about his father. Amy had not given hope for being reunited with George which would seem to pay off as he appeared to be on his way to her. Meanwhile in the present, George was looking for Amy after they got separated. Little did he know, there was still a war going on. The many pods that had since crashed had sprouted into the infamous tripods (they looked surprisingly decent) which were now lurking. The English authorities clearly did not understand the gravity of their current situation. George was focused on getting back to Amy but he would find himself caught up in the surrounding war. The tripods reach London, forcing Amy and Frederick to flee (and also start to mend their differences) while George did the same after his run-in with the soldiers inevitably failed miserably.

George and Amy would eventually find themselves on a beach as others were attempting to flee to France. Despite Frederick’s objections, Amy wanted to wait for George. In the midst of tripods attacking the beach and the fleeing boats, George saw Amy in a boat before the two headed for each other. Now with a few more joining them, Amy, George, and Frederick began to flee the tripod attack on foot. They took refuge in a home that survived a tripod attack. Meanwhile in the future, Amy was reunited with Ogilvy (who went missing in the present near the end of the last episode). They discussed their present where it appeared that they finally defeated the alien invaders or so they thought?

The episode ended with a revelation in the future that Amy saw the aliens come out of their tripods (we do not).

In the end, this episode definitely picked things up in the excitement department but it still has a lot more ground to cover with one episode left. Tomlinson and Spall continue to prove their worth here though they spent more time apart in this episode. Though it may have been mostly gloom and doom after one episode, this second turned things around. Hopefully the finale delivers.

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