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Ariba BhuvadOctober 15, 201975/100
Marcos Siega
Caroline Dries
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45 minutes
Sundays 8pm
The CW, Showcase
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The Rabbit Hole sees Kate Kane solves a family mystery in a rather interesting, eventful episode of Batwoman.

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Synopsis: Jacob Kane and the Crows up the stakes; Kate continues to look to Bruce Wayne’s legacy for guidance as Luke Fox inadvertently gets pulled into Batwoman’s vigilante heroics; Sophie and Kate are forced to team up. (TVGuide)

Batwoman is definitely intriguing so far but it’s hard to get fully invested just yet. To be fair, we’re only two episodes in, and it certainly takes time to build up potential. So, we shall wait patiently while Kate Kane aka Batwoman does her thing.

Last week’s series premiere ended with the big reveal that Alice is actually Kate’s sister, who was presumed dead after the accident years ago. Naturally, a story is way more exciting when you pit two siblings against one another, but there isn’t just that going on here. There’s still love between the two sisters, and a level of concern layered with resentment and confusion. It’s an interesting dynamic that will be exciting to watch develop over the course of the first season.

Ever since Kate donned the Batwoman costume, Gotham has been under the illusion that Batman has returned. And she’s not exactly doing anything to dampen their excitement. At some point she has to, right? It’s not cool to toy with everyone’s emotions like that! Plus the suit she’s currently wearing isn’t really that great, we need that long, red hair already!

Kate is all but convinced that Alice is Beth, and shares this theory with her family. She’s met with rolling eyes and pity, but she knows she’s right. Kate is dead set on proving that Alice is really her sister, and plans to do so by getting DNA off of Alice’s knife.

There’s a lot of tension between Kate and Sophie, but for now, it seems like a romantic pipe dream. I was sort of shocking to hear when Kate said she would have come back sooner to stop Sophie’s wedding if she knew. It seems like these two will find their way back to one another before the season is over.

Alice’s henchmen aka “bunnies” show up to confront Kate and get back Alice’s knife, and later try to threaten her stepsister into giving it up as well. Dressed up as Batwoman, Kate shows up to save the day and has Alice’s minions deliver a secret message to her–“waffles”. A word that only means something to Beth, and if Alice is really her, then she’ll know where to meet Kate.

The two sisters inevitably meet up and it’s right down to business from the get-go. Alice confirms she is Beth, while Kate shares her pain for losing Beth the way she did. That anger/love is present at this moment too and comes to a head when the Crows show up to take Alice down. Way to rat Kate out, Sophie!

Kate works her sisterly magic and gets Alice arrested instead of killed. It’s off to Arkham Asylum for her! Unfortunately, Alice presumably manages her escape as the entourage of cars is disturbed by a car blowing up. Kate shows up as Batwoman to finally save her sister the way she was meant to when they were kids, but the moment doesn’t last long. Another explosion tears them apart, and Kate is knocked unconscious while Alice is nowhere to be found. Luke uses a remote defibrillator to shock Kate back to a conscious state right as the cops were about to find her.

Some more flashbacks reveal how Jacob and Kate spent a lot of time looking for Beth after the accident. That is until one day they learn that skull fragments matching Beth were found–it’s most definitely the moment where Kate and her father first began drifting apart.

The episode ends on another plot twist as we learn Kate’s stepmother was the one who hired the rabbit goons to steal Alice’s knife back from Kate. Oh, and by the way, she’s also the one who said Beth’s skull fragments were found way back when. Are you guys starting to connect the dots here? Catherine is shady.

Batwoman is still planting the seeds to what looks to be a fun and exciting series as time goes on. There’s definitely potential here as long as the story continues to be suspenseful and mysterious.

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