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Keith NoakesNovember 21, 201988/100
Stephen Cragg
Maisha Closson
Running Time
43 minutes
9pm (CTV), 10pm (ABC)
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Are You the Mole? was an awkward midseason finale with plenty of powerful moments and a few shockers that helped set up the endgame for the series.

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Synopsis: On the eve of graduation, Oliver gifts Connor, Michaela and Asher something unexpected. Elsewhere at the dean’s cocktail party, Annalise learns something disturbing news. Michaela receives a surprise phone call and the FBI informant is finally revealed. (IMDb)

This midseason finale had quite a lot to deliver after the eight episodes that preceded it as flashforward after flashforward teased us as to what happened to Laurel and Christopher as well as how Annalise died. We now know the latter to not be the case (because obviously) but the former still loomed large, or at least until now. Of course this episode wasn’t going to give us all the answers but it would certainly find a way to give us some in a very awkward manner as the plot narrows to the series’ eventual endgame.

Are You the Mole? started with the gang returning home with snacks before Michaela got a facetime call from Laurel (who is still alive), claiming to not be the mole. Flashing back to several hours earlier, Annalise would deliver a farewell speech to her class before final exams and graduation. On their way back, the others were given yet another gift from Oliver in the form of psychedelic mushrooms (with Oliver getting the worst of it). They all went for it. Meanwhile, Nate was certainly not happy with Annalise but that would be the least of her problems after a report that an FBI informant linked her to Sam’s death surfaced. Following that news, she bolted from the dean’s graduation party, leaving the others to figure out the next move.

The next issue was the identity of the informant. While Annalise frantically continued her escape, Nate showed up. He gave her Denver’s files on them. The mood suddenly changed once they confronted one another over Miller and Sam (in what was a powerful sequence between Viola Davis and Billy Brown) all while Frank confronted Gabriel about potentially being the FBI mole and also Sam. Both confrontations got physical with Nate deeming it unworthy to continue and Frank choking Gabriel (before eventually letting him go). Meanwhile, Asher seemed to be the only one not affected by the mushrooms. He wanted Michaela to marry him so they would have spousal privilege just like Connor and Oliver.

The earlier snacks were to try and come down from their mushroom high. Going back to the Laurel call, she was hiding from her brother and got help from Tegan, who was nowhere to be found. Eventually, the others suspected Asher to be the mole and he eventually admitted he was. He was adamant that he hadn’t given the FBI anything against the others but he would still get hit in the back of the head by a fireplace poker by Oliver (who was still high) for his trouble (he survived). He was doing this in order to protect his mother from the FBI. He implored that they save themselves.

Annalise continued to crumble under the pressure. She finally got up and left (she didn’t forget everything that happened) just like Asher who went to Bonnie. Then someone (who was later revealed to be Asher) went to see Gabriel and got beaten to death with another (or maybe the same) fireplace poker. Meanwhile despite everything else, Michela still wanted to graduate but it appeared that she would not get the chance as she and Connor got arrested by the FBI for the murder of Asher (perhaps that’s the murder Oliver confessed to).

The episode ended with Annalise’s funeral where a special speaker was invited to speak, Wes?????

The endgame is set but this Wes reveal was definitely a shock. Perhaps it has something to do with where Laurel is or maybe it’s nothing. Who knows? This review certainly cannot wait until Murder comes back early next year.

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