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Wannabe Movie CriticDecember 5, 2019
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March 27th, 2020

The live action Disney adaptations just keep coming. Thing is, Mulan looks like the best one yet.

Disney just keeps bringing it. Whether it’s the MCU, Disney+, Star Wars, they are always in the news and most importantly making money. Can’t hate on greatness, but some are feeling a Disney overload at this point. Get used to it, and honestly, if they make films like Mulan, I’m all for it. The latest animated feature to get the live action spruce up looks simply incredible.

The thing that separates Mulan from other live action reboots, it seems like they are going far off script from the animated version and it’s the right call. The Lion King was essentially cut and paste from the original and people wanted some more originality. They want it to seem fresh, that’s why the newer ideas put in Aladdin worked. What’s the point in just rehashing old material if it’s going to be the exact same thing that everyone in the world has already seen. The new trailer is larger in scale and really showing off just how much money they have invested in this thing. Mulan will be a box-office juggernaut that is a fore gone conclusion.

The only thing everyone will miss surely is clearly Mushu, but that’s what the sequel will be for obviously. See for yourself below. Just a really well-done trailer!

*Still courtesy of Disney*

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