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Keith NoakesJanuary 15, 202085/100
Stacey K. Black
Louisa Levy
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The Past and the Furious was a good and overdue character episode of Stumptown that started to peel the onion that is Dex thanks to a case that hit close to home while Grey was in danger.

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Synopsis: Dex works to find a fellow veteran’s birth parents after he discovers that he’s adopted; Ansel creates a birthday bucket list and enlists Grey’s help to complete each item; Grey goes under cover to infiltrate a car ring operation. (TV Guide)

It only took 11 episodes but we’ve started to go deeper into Dex on this week’s Stumptown. Ansel moving out has led her to reflect on herself and her life. Meanwhile, this week’s case would bring up her own family issues. In other news, Grey goes deeper undercover.

The Past and the Furious started with Dex throwing a party at her house now that Ansel was gone (Tookie was uncomfortable to say the least). The next day, she was woken up by a fellow veteran named Jeremy (Robert Adamson) who wanted to hire her to find his birth parents as he was adopted. Jeremy did not take this news well. His adoptive parents didn’t have too much information to share as his adoption was closed but claimed that he was taken away because his mother was a drug addict and his father left them. Meanwhile, Ansel had come up with a list of things he wanted to do so he could become a man while Grey helped (Dex was still not over him moving out).

Dex’s search of the adoption agency led to plenty of sealed records and not much else as it was no longer in operation. It used to be run by a shady church. Of course Dex came back later to scour their records after having a chat with God. Unfortunately, Jeremy’s mom died three month prior of a drug overdose. Meanwhile. Dex tried to defend Jeremy’s parents because her parents weren’t that great either (They put Ansel in a home while Dex was overseas and left them. She also longed for what he had). Jeremy tried to offer her help with her PTSD. Dex and Jeremy found Jeremy’s dad.

It was until Dex returned to an empty house that she realized how alone she was. Jeremy’s dad was afraid he was going to let him down again so he wanted to leave (Jeremy’s mom wasn’t a drug addict up until the time his dad left). Sue Lynn wasn’t affiliated with Jeremy’s mother’s tribe but the adoption agency had a history of taking children from Native American families (Jeremy’s adoptive parents had no idea). After confronting the church, they didn’t deny it (Dex barely got out of there with a confession on tape).

Grey started his undercover work for Hoffman. They still weren’t completely comfortable with one another (they were more alike then they thought). He was given a car to bring to the car ring to prove himself. There was supposed to be a tracker on the car so it was a little tense to see the car being inspected while hoping that it wasn’t found (it wasn’t as it was placed underneath an ice cream truck). Apparently impressed, Grey was taken to the leader of the ring, a man named Leo (Ryan Dorsey). Hoffman wasn’t thrilled with his actions but Grey wasn’t ready to quit just yet and he wasn’t considering going back to his former life. The members of the ring were bad news.

Jeremy was surprised by some other members of his family though the episode would end with Grey, who was moving up quickly, being asked to move heroin.

While these network seasons have to fill out their 20+ episodes, these deeper character episodes will always prevail in the end. Wish there was more of them as every one (Camryn Manheim excluded as she wasn’t in this episode) were on point.

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