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Keith NoakesFebruary 12, 202077/100
Ruben Fleischer
William Jehu Garroutte, Heidi Cole McAdams
Running Time
44 minutes
Wednesdays 10pm
Overall Score
Rating Summary
Til Dex Do Us Part was a solid filler episode of Stumptown that did just enough to continue to move the season along.

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Synopsis: Dex is hired to investigate a bride’s fiancé after suspicions arise regarding the motives behind the hurried nuptials. Dex asks Hoffman for help with the case and discovers there’s more to this couple than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Hoffman goes head-to-head with his father when he learns that he will be representing a suspect in Hoffman’s case. Back at The Bad Alibi, Tookie and Ansel propose a new business idea to a reluctant Grey. (IMDb)

Despite some carry-over from last week’s episode, this new episode of Stumptown was just more filler that will probably go nowhere in the grand scheme of the season as a whole.

Til Dex Do Us Part started with Dex interrupting a wedding but of course there was a story to that so flashback to a week before. Last week, Tookie helped out with the Bad Alibi’s kitchen situation but now, he’s parked his truck right outside (he was looking for something more legitimate). Grey didn’t seem particularly open to this arrangement (he didn’t like change therefore the two would butt heads several times throughout the episode) but he decided to give him a chance. Meanwhile, Dex’s call with a client got interrupted by a ruckus within the bar.

Dex’s new client was a woman wanting her to look into her sister’s fiancee who was rushing into a hasty marriage. The fiancee was a tattoo operating under the pseudonym Zach Knight (he changed his name from Steven because he was under suspicion for killing a woman in a hit and run case that was hard to prove). The two would play hard to get but had a certain chemistry to them. Steven revealed that he did kill the woman though was also riddled with guilt as he blamed himself for her death. Dex also opened up to him about her relationship with Benjamin Blackbird (she originally asked him for a blackbird tattoo as a ruse). In the end, she didn’t share Steven’s backstory to her client.

Something about what Dex’s client said about the bride to be didn’t feel right so she looked deeper and found a possible connection to the hit and run Steven was accused of but the evidence was circumstantial therefore they would need a confession (cue the wedding). To get that confession, Dex would have to crash the wedding (she isn’t a police officer after all) which was easier said than done as her failed attempt to join the bridal party led her to the actual ceremony. She got the confession which unsurprisingly ended the wedding.

The issues between Hoffman and his father Lionel became more apparent now that they found themselves on opposite sides of a case. They both played dirty against one another. Hoffman’s mother wasn’t thrilled but Lionel applauded his tactics (he wanted Hoffman to work for him). He wasn’t such a bad guy as representing questionable clients financed his pro bono work. Meanwhile. Grey eventually got rid of Tookie but when Ansel showed him how much more money the bar was making, this convinced him to try and bring Tookie back which he agreed.

The episode ended with Dex getting that blackbird tattoo while Ansel was named the assistant manager of the Bad Alibi (and everyone celebrated).

Still planting seeds when things should be growing by now.

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