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Keith NoakesFebruary 6, 202080/100
Stacey K. Black
Matt Olmstead, Jason Richman
Running Time
44 minutes
Wednesdays 10pm
Overall Score
Rating Summary
The Dex Factor was a fun episode that brought everyone together for the main story that saw the conclusion of the car ring subplot while giving Dex a new foil.

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Synopsis: Dex goes undercover as a potential buyer to help Hoffman and Grey with the next phase of their drug case. Meanwhile, Dex unexpectedly becomes close to a fellow veteran support group member and soon discovers they have more in common than they thought. After being left in charge of the Bad Alibi, Ansel struggles to maintain order and enlists Tookie’s help. (IMDb)

The best episodes of Stumptown are the ones were all the characters are involved in the same main storyline and this was pretty much the case in this week’s entertaining episode that continues the team-up of Dex with Grey and Hoffman on their drug case. Meanwhile, it sets up a potential recurring foe for Dex. The b-story was also kind of fun.

The Dex Factor started with Dex teaching Ansel how to drive. Imagining what may happen, Dex decided to take things slow. Meanwhile, it was time to focus on the drug case. As far as Dex was concerned, she was ready (you can count on her to point out the awkwardness). While Hoffman grilled Arrieta about his boses, a hitwoman named Violet (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) came to town to clean up the mess, and Grey introduced Dex/Krystal to the car ring (they were not fond of being brought a woman). There were other interested parties in the heroin.

Of course Dex ran into Violet at the former military bar (obviously not yet knowing who she was) and then they hit it off. Seeing the hesitation from Max (Inbar Lavi), Grey continued to try and get her out (there was a connection there). At the exchange, Dex ran into Violet and were surprised to see the other there. Violet didn’t want to kill Dex but she didn’t want her to hurt Grey so they had a pretty intense fight (set to a cool cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”) ending with Violet being thrown off a railing (it was strongly implied that she survived). Meanwhile, the exchange was just a ruse for the car ring to take the money and kill Grey but luckily the police showed up just in time. Prepared for this, Grey took Max and escaped to native land to allow Max to escape (thanks to an assist from Sue Lynn).

When confronted about his actions, Grey denied helping Max escape but Hoffman suspected what was really going on and let it go. Fun fact, one the apprehended members of the car ring  (also one that Violet abducted for information and then was set free) named Chaz (Tommy O’Brien) was being represented by Hoffman’s father (Steven Williams).

With Grey gone, Ansel was in charge of the Bad Alibi and he was feeling overwhelmed so he called Tookie for help. Egging the snobby couple who gave them a bad review (and also gave him a bad review in the past) was definitely satisfying but Tookie would also discover that the Bad Alibi kitchen needed a lot of work.

The episode ended at the Bad Alibit with someone leaving a drink behind for Dex (probably Violet).

I am all for shipping Dex and Violet as they are perfect for one another. Hopefully we will also see more of Hoffman and his father but I’m resigned to the fact that we will be probably getting a few filler episodes until then.

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