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Dylan PhillipsMay 11, 202090/100
Bill Roe
Alexi Hawley
Running Time
44 minutes
Sundays 10pm
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The Hunt is an intense finale that goes from a creative introduction to a strong cliffhanger even if the middle is muddled with questionable choices.

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A quick recap of the entire season from the perspective of Armstrong with Rosalind and Nolan jumps up right back into the action. This is followed up by Armstrong’s perspective from the last episode and how he managed to pull off everything behind the backs of his fellow officers. He manipulates Erin like the easily influenced and scared rookie she is all the way until her untimely demise. Here’s what went down in “The Hunt.”

He meets up with Derian later saying he is out, but Ruben won’t let him off so easily. Armstrong is forced to do whatever it takes to clear Serj’s name. Meanwhile, Nolan is going stir crazy over the cam footage and he has decided to bring it to Harper. She thinks he might be overanalyzing it, but he is going with his gut. He manages to convince her to look into it with him, but they can’t let anyone else know what they are doing.

The rest of the episode revolves around all of the officers trying to find Serj Derian while Armstrong attempts to thwart their plans. Unfortunately for him, he cannot be in multiple places at once. As Chen, Bradford, Lopez and West uncover more information regarding Serj and his mole in the precinct, Armstrong keeps a tight grip on Nolan and Harper’s undercover operation.

Nolan decides the best option for uncovering Armstrong’s shady past is to visit Rosalind Dyer. She reveals that when he was getting ready to arrest her, she broke into his house and found a ton of incriminating evidence. Nolan does the same and finds the evidence, but Armstrong watches him leave. This leads Armstrong to escalating his plan. When Serj is arrested, Armstrong invites Nolan to his house where he reveals everything.

Armstrong became wrapped up in the mob when his wife’s medical bills started to pile up. He couldn’t handle it and decided the best option was getting quick, dirty money from the Armenians. In order to rid himself of this problem, he plans to frame Nolan as the mole and reveals he planted some evidence at his house. Meanwhile, Serj tells Grey that Nolan is their mole. Nolan races home and attempts to find Armstrong’s stash, but it is too late as sirens close in on his house.

The second-part to this finale threw subplots out the window to focus on the main story and not waste a second on anything unimportant. This allowed the writers to do something quite crafty: show the perspective of the antagonist for the first act based on the events of the last episode. This was a great creative choice as it builds the tension of the situation and shows the lengths that Armstrong went to in order to protect his identity. In the end, the protagonist’s questionable choices feel a bit out of character with his altruistic nature, but it leads to one of this year’s best cliffhangers.

Captain’s Log

  • What will Nolan do?
  • Who will believe him?
  • Will Armstrong get caught?

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