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Paddleton – A Quietly Quirky Delight (Early Review)

Another solid addition to the mumblecore filmography.

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2018 Year in Review (Underrated and Underseen Films)

With every new year, we as moviegoers are bombarded with plenty of viewing options either at movie theatres or at home. Of course, it is next to impossible to see all these movies for whatever reason. Some movies simply get dismissed by audiences based on a few bad reviews while others are easy to miss due to lack of promotion or availability. As we move further into 2019, here are my picks for the 5 most underrated and underseen films of 2018.

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Best and Worst Films of 2018

You’ve seen other writers make their picks but it’s my turn so now, here are my personal picks for the top 10 best and worst films of 2018 (along with some honorable/dishonorable mentions). Stay tuned for more picks from our other writers.

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2018 Year in Review (Superhero Films)

Over time, superhero films have become the center of pop culture with Marvel and DC single-handedly keeping them afloat and making absurd amounts of money in the process. However 2018 was different. Like every year before, superheroes dominated the box office, but superhero movies seemed to be even more cemented in pop culture this year. Here are my rankings of this year’s superhero film offerings.

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2018 Year in Review (Comedy)

This year was a lot of things when it came to movies, especially for comedy. Comedies capture culture and a year better than most genres. It is a broad label, and many films can be described in some way or another as a comedy. There aren’t any specifications for what is considered a comedy film here, more just what feels right. Here are my picks for the 5 best and worst comedies of 2018.

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Bird Box – A Boxed-In Thriller

Adapted from a book that wouldn’t be scary if it was made visual, Bird Box makes the New York Best Seller thudding-ly literal.

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Shirkers – Part-Mystery and Part-Biography of a Missing Film

Sandi Tan’s Shirkers is one of the best documentaries of the year.

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SuperGrid – As Good As The Name Suggests

It’s not hard to understand how SuperGrid got made. Following the resounding success of two (count them! two!) films in a universe called WolfCop, director Lowell Dean decided to make a different form of genre trash.

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