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Guest Review: Elvis & Nixon (2016)

By: CineMuseFilms

The single most requested photograph held by the American National Archives is one of Elvis Presley shaking hands with Richard Nixon. That meeting has become the stuff of legend: a past-his-prime rock ’n roll star and an unpopular President, both destined to leave their mark on history for very different reasons. The film Elvis & Nixon (2016) is a humorous historical account of this unlikely encounter between soul-mates from different worlds. But that story is merely the picture frame, within which is a deep and brooding portrait of two troubled souls.

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Elvis & Nixon Featurette

Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey playing Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon respectively. Need I say more? Before you all get in line (trust me I will too), just listen to what I have to say first. For those who aren’t yet already convinced, Kevin Spacey is one of the greatest actors of this generation (I’m sure no one would argue this) and Michael Shannon is not that bad either (as I’m discovering) so I am curious (and excited) to see how they would handle these roles. They don’t really look like the people they’re supposed to play but I have every faith that they will both overcome this and blow us away once again. Below is a featurette for the film including some footage as well as interviews with Spacey and Shannon. Elvis & Nixon releases April 22nd, 2016.

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