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Over time, superhero films have become the center of pop culture with Marvel and DC single-handedly keeping them afloat and making absurd amounts of money in the process. However 2018 was different. Like every year before, superheroes dominated the box office, but superhero movies seemed to be even more cemented in pop culture this year. Here are my rankings of this year’s superhero film offerings.

If you are unsure about this week’s DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital releases, maybe our site’s reviews can help. Click the posters for reviews and now you can now purchase or rent movies from Amazon or iTunes Canada (if applicable) by clicking the buttons below. Please support the site by either purchasing or renting these movies as we receive a small commision for each purchase and/or rental.

With the rave reviews pouring in for the sixth entry in the Mission:Impossible franchise, we are reminded of the great action franchises that have entertained audiences worldwide for decades. From Die Hard to Indiana Jones, and now the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the action genre has consistently been one of the most popular genres throughout the world, and across time. In preparation for the release of Mission:Impossible Fallout, here are 5 action sequels made after 2010 that are worth your time:

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