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This Week in Home Video (Tuesday September 19th)

If you are unsure about this week’s DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital releases, maybe my site’s reviews can help.

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Best Movies of 2017 So Far

Today is the 2 year anniversary of so to celebrate, let’s take a look back at the best movies of 2017 so far. Everyone has started to publish their own lists but now it is my turn. Out of the 63 movies I’ve seen so far this year, here are the 10 best movies I’ve seen so far this year.

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Wonder Woman – A Fun Superhero Origin Story

I wasn’t as big of a hater of Batman v Superman (find out in my review herebut they were trying to rush things a little too much in trying to create their own cinematic universe as Marvel has already done successfully. Man of Steel technically doesn’t count so here is the start of the real DC cinematic universe and what a start it was.

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This Week On keithlovesmovies (Week of May 31st)

Here is a look at the movies we will be covering this week, time permitting:

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Most Anticipated Films of 2017: Bite-Sized *Summer Update*

With Summer in full swing, why not take another look back at my list of most anticipated films of 2017. Certain movies have come and gone and release dates changed since my last update. You can check out my most recent list here and of course you can find links to relevant site posts (if applicable). Keep in mind that all movies and release dates are subject to change and I will update the list again accordingly.

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Movie Clip Roundup

Featuring clips of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, 3 Generations, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Wonder Woman, Buster’s Mal Heart, Wakefield, Black Butterfly, and Baywatch.

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Movie Trailer Roundup

Featuring trailers of Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, Bright, Atomic Blonde, The Most Hated Woman in America, Salt and Fire, and Win It All.

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Most Anticipated Films of 2017: Bite-Sized *Updated*

There were many great movies in 2016 and you can read my best and worst lists here and here. What exactly do we have to look forward to now that we’re in 2017? In order to help, I’ve updated my super early list of most anticipated films of 2017 that originally appeared here. Things have definitely changed since I wrote that list with new movies being announced, trailers being released, and release dates changing. Below is a list of 26 movies, with relevant links, to look forward to in 2017. If things change, I will update this list again.

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Wonder Woman Official Trailer 2

If you would like to watch the first trailer of Wonder Woman, click here. This will be an interesting one for sure, being the first solo DC Universe movie. I would not have guessed that this honor would go to Wonder Woman but after her short, but still impactful appearance in Batman v Superman, it makes sense as she is the most developed character besides Batman or Superman (obviously). Gal Gadot looks good here as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and the action and locales look great. The only thing that is still unclear for me, at least from the trailer, is the story. But it almost doesn’t matter. Wonder Woman releases June 2nd, 2017.

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