Keith's BlogAll the Single Furries (A Worthy Waste of Time 2)

Keith NoakesAugust 18, 2015

I get bored sometimes and my mind tends to wander. This is the last time it happened. As the title suggests, today it is furry videos. I’ve always been fascinated with that culture as I’ve wondered why one would decide to do this in the first place? These feelings came back to me when I was watching an episode of @midnight where a certain furry video was featured in one of their segments. After seeing it, I decided to look it up on youtube to watch the whole thing and that I did. When I was finished, I started watching some of the recommended videos. They definitely did not disappoint. I was surprised by the amount of furry videos that were available but I only had a half-hour so I stopped after 4 videos. Here they are:

1. All the Single Furries/Single Ladies (Stinky Stusky)

2. Happy Furry Edition (ArticSkyWolf)

3. Finally Found You – Duke Feat. Bucktown Tiger (thatdancingdog)

4. ┬áTake On Me –┬áSimple B*tches (Camo Rovak)


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